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How To Cross Social and Email Marketing

Mar 20th 2012 at 9:27 AM


According to a September 2011 post by social media blogger Jeff Bullas, aptly titled, "Stunning Social Media Statistics," 1 in every 9 people on earth is on Facebook and Twitter manages an average 190 million tweets per day!  Stunning figures.  Most hustling marketers are scrambling right now trying to squeeze a tweet in that will turn into a sale, a sign-up or a website visit.  Many of those marketers don't really have a plan, other than to get online, post a bunch of marketing messages on Twitter and see what happens.  Then there are those who use Facebook, and they believe if they have 1000s of friends, they will gain popularity, enough popularity to convince those friends to buy from them.

Here's the problem with both of those behaviors, they are so far off target, that even if those marketers make a few sales, they won't have any understanding why the customer bought from them, when they bought from them, or what prompted that customer to purchase their product at that particular time.

Yet, when you combine social media marketing with email marketing, suddenly your marketing messages have meaning, they have purpose.  And best of all, you can spend pennies per day doing email marketing that is integrated with social media marketing and know exactly what triggers a buying decision.  Let me explain how.

Marketing is not just posting messages on social networks or running a few ads on Facebook.  When you're trying to make a living off internet marketing you've got to have a plan.  Having a plan will separate you from the pretenders and the serious people who actually get it.

What I love about email marketing is that everything is contained in-house.  That is all your data, all the demographics you need to keep your business running smoothly.  Now, conceivably you can email market in just 20 minutes a day once you grab a good email client, master the how-to's, and if you are proficient at cut and paste, you can become a master email-social media marketer in just two weeks.  Really, I have done it, actually doing it right now with my Diabetes newsletter.

My newsletter is distributed to my subscribers and in each edition there are social share buttons where my readers can share it by email, on Facebook, Twitter and just simply forward it to their friends.  Also, with each edition, I am able to send as a status update to Facebook an excerpt from my newsletter.  I simply set the date and time I want my email to go out, and then go do something else, like write this article.

One thing I've learned over my many years of internet marketing is that knowledge is king, relevant content is its queen, and people like to belong to a solid kingdom.  To interpret, if you send your subscriber base good solid, relevant content, information that can benefit them and add value to their lives, chances are you will become very successful in a short period of time.

You just have to keep doing right things right and giving your target audience what they want.  Never forget why they signed up for your newsletter, that is what will keep them a faithful subscriber.

Use a reputable email client like Send Stream, Aweber or Vertical Response.  Each of them will give you a 30 day free trial, and their systems are so easy to use, even I can master them.  I never thought I would be singing the praises of email marketing the way I am today.  You would think I am doing a commercial, but if you really want to make money in internet marketing, you've got to have a plan to do it.  Are you going to promote MLM?  If so, you need a group of folks who are interested in your product.  How do you reach those people?  Well, you find out what they are looking for, not just your product, but what are their true needs, those simple human needs that allow us to provide for our families and have financial freedom.

Once you identify that, then you write articles, or purchase some PLR and set up an autoresponder through your email client.  Get a domain name first, then get an email client, and learn how to use that email client's autoresponder (also known as triggers), set up a newsletter and advertise the link to that newsletter on Twitter, and other social media networks.  Offer a freebie, give your subscribers something for signing up (like a free report, whitepaper or ebook).  Your freebie should also be something that will help them be successful in your MLM offering.

The biggest mistake internet marketers make is by trying to sell a prospect on the first interaction.  This is not a one-call close folks, internet marketing will be successful for you only after your prospects trust you.  Trust doesn't come quickly, think about real-life relationships, trust takes time, just know that you must invest in a relationship before that relationship will pay off.  Social media and email marketing operate the same way.


Let me know if you have any further questions about this.  Email marketing should be your business plan foundation so you can continue to cultivate leads for any MLM program you have.


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