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How To Create Marketing Materials With A Bang

Jul 18th 2010 at 12:04 PM

How To Create Marketing Materials With A Bang
by Kaitlyn Miller

Running a business means taking risks and investing lots of money. In this age where everything seems highly digital and technical, you have to be innovative and resourceful in making your business known. The marketplace, after all, is saturated with many diverse businesses. It’s just easy for your marketing messages to get drowned in their noisy and busy ads. For this reason, it’s important that you do something unique in order to stand out from the competition.

The traditional marketing strategies may work for stable and large companies, but for small or startup businesses, a lot of work is needed to get heard in the market. For instance, trendy clothing has always been your passion. With enough capital, you were able to put up your own boutique. The only problem is that every corner in your place seems to have a boutique just like your own. So, how do you ensure your success in such stiff competition?

You create the explosion and drive you need to stand above the rest and get noticed. This is your key to success. To do this, you need an aggressive marketing tactic, something that will create recognition and recall to prospective customers, something that is unique and noticeable. Here are ways on how you can create a promotional campaign with a bang.

•Be bold and creative. Bring out all your creative juices and confidence in designing your marketing campaign. This is something that you should be willing to take a risk. For instance, design your brochures and postcards in vibrant and appealing colors. Choose pictures that are attractive and will surely catch people’s attention at one glance. Also, print cards that are exciting to look so readers will be enticed to keep your card for future reference. It’s critical though that the design don’t overshadow the content. Make your content as eye-catching as your material’s design.

•Consider the timing in releasing your marketing campaigns. In marketing, timing is everything. The time and occasion you release your brochures, postcards, catalogs, or banners do a lot to the success of your campaign. Just look at the ads created by the Red Cross. All throughout the year, they bring out TV ads, leaflets, and other promotional materials to continuously keep the public informed of their activities and services. But they boost up their marketing campaign in times of calamities and disasters. They study the situation well and adapt to the circumstance in order to touch more lives.

•Touch on people’s emotions. Don’t be afraid if your leaflets, posters, and business card printing will make people angry or happy. What is important is that your promotional items will stick in the reader’s mind. If you are able to get people’s emotion, then that’s a sure indication that your marketing campaign is effective. Your name will be easily remembered and you are likely the first to be called when the need for your product or service arise. So, remember to create your materials with your customer’s emotions in mind.

Always keep in mind that the key to effectively using promotional materials is to reach your potential customers when you can influence a purchase. Just think of how brochures of supplemental medicines and vitamins reach and influence patients in hospitals. The place and timing of the release of the materials plays a huge role to a successful sale. So, don’t be afraid to play with your imagination in your marketing materials, and you are sure to create a bang with them.

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Aug 21st 2010 at 6:19 AM by TimRR
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Aug 3rd 2010 at 5:41 PM by Pattyde
Very nice Article Rob! So Very True and great info for anyone trying to break in to the net Marketing Industry- Thanks for the great tip Patty
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