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How To Create A Prospect Funnel That Will Suck in Tons of NEW Signups Everyday For Free!

Jun 19th 2012 at 4:47 PM

Part I

Generating income on the internet is not rocket science. To generate income online, one simply needs to set up their advertising campaign, know where to advertise it successfully and do so diligently. You need to set up a Prospect Funnel.

The Topic of story may change, but the format always stays the same. The difference between a million dollar advertising campaign and a $100 campaign is the Story Format. If you master that, you will succeed whether you are selling Mercedes Benz cars, or Boston Baked Beans.

The Story format involves 5 things:

  • Splash Page:  Data Extractor
  • Autoresponder:  Follow Up Sales Genie
  • Follow Up Emails:  Automatic Salespokesman
  • Banners:  Quick interest director and connector to Splash Pages
  • Text Ads:  Quick Interest direct and connector to


Splash Pages are important because they are your first point of contact.  As they say, the first impression is the most lasting impression. Making a Good Splash Page is critical to getting the attention of your prospects and gaining information to place them in your sales funnel.

A Sales funnel is the process through which a prospect is directed to ultimate make a purchase. Most times, making a sale is not direct. It takes a series of activities before the prospect may feel comfortable in purchasing a product or service, especially if there is no direct personal contact.  The Splash page does not inform, it creates interest. This is the place to create ambiance and imagery around your product. Research is key. Don't just throw something on a page along with some words and expect the prospect to take the bait. Internet consumers and more sophisticated nowadays because there are so many options. Competition is stiff. For instance, if you are selling vacations, then you may want to present the possibility of a prospect visiting Venice in a romantic setting with delicious food, luxurious hotel rooms and breathtaking scenery, wonderful tourist activities and more. If the imagery of this idea is presented properly through pictures, a video, and Great Ad Copy, the price of the vacation won't matter. The prospect will either buy it right off, or adopt it as their goal to acheive. Either way You Win! This is the role of the Splash Page.  With one glimpse of the eye, your prospect should feel a reaction or a compelling desire, need or pleasure.

It has been popularly mentioned that providing free giveaways to coax a prospect into giving their name and emails is important.  Personally I feel if you've done the job properly on your Splash page they'll be looking for the optin form to get more information and immediately looking for confirmation in their emails.  I've seen this happen as I've done this. However if you do offer a free giveaway, it should be directly related to the product being sold.  For example in the vacation to Venice, a free giveaway could be a coupon that could be used at the site of the vacation, thereby giving one the feeling of good value for using one's vacation business services, i.e. free set of Venitian Glass goblets from a noted exclusive Glass Shop, Free Dinner at a restaurant, free tickets to the "masquerade events", etc. You get my gist.  The free gift should lure your prospect closer to the sale of your product. If you are promoting a business opportunity, then a good giveaway would be something you can use with the business opportunity to enhance it's success.  Try to offer something unique so that your offer will stand out among the rest.

To get a Splash page created for your business can be a little expense. Considering the fact that Splash Pages are effective for a relatively short time 2 months, It isn't worth paying a large fee for just one page. Instead you can create your own Splash pages with ease using a specific program for Splash Page creation. There's one in particular that is good with free creation and advertising options is called "Splash Page Advertising"


The Second Step is to get an Autoresponder. This is a necessity because the average prospects views a message of ad 7 times before they act. Sometimes when a prospect views your advertisement, they are not ready to purchase, because they are simply focusing on other things. However if you leave a way for them to get information later, they will optin and provide their name and email.  Actually one should not try to sell a prospect with their Splash pages, just get their interest and information.

Autoresponders are not as complicated as they seem. They key is to get one that is good and will deliver your emails to your prospects inboxes, not their junk mails.There are many out there and paid ones are good like Aweber, Get Response, TrafficWave, etc. But if you do not have a big marketing budget and you'd rather spend the bulk of it on the advertisement resources, then there are some that are free and work very well.

The one that I am suggesting is far more than an email autoresponder, it is also a way to get advertisement as well. What's more, it is free and you can have unlimited autoresponders! What a great Find!!!  It's called Listwire. The reason why I like listwire is not because it's free, but because you get:

1)  unlimited autoresponders

2)  high deliverability to email inboxes

3)  advertisement options that really work!

4)  broadcasts ability and

5)  Data and stats with in depth details

6)  It's FREE!


How To Write Good Follow Up Emails

Continued here


Author: Caracd_thumb Carolyn North,

Team Leader Team Power

Skype ID: Larewill



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