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How to Control Rodent Infestation in the House

Jun 10th 2014 at 10:59 PM

Unlike roaches, rodents are very menacing in nature. They can damage things around the house and kitchen; they can infect the food products and leave their droppings here and there. If not controlled, the rodents can cause severe destruction in the house by chewing electrical wires as well as the foundation of the house. Rodents are carriers of several dangerous diseases and are known for causing deadly plagues in history. Some of the diseases caused by rodents are:

- Plague

- Salmonellosis

- Leptospirosis

- Murine typhus

Most of them are caused by eating infected or contaminated food products. You can easily get rid of the rodents in the house through rodent control Sydney. You can easily start by locating the places where the rodents are harboring, entering the house to control them. Some of the steps to control rodents in the house are:

- Locate: first try to locate the places where rodent activity is the maximum. You can check out in and around the house for partially eaten fruits, and nuts, gnawing marks on wood, papers, or plastic material in the house, droppings and that strange smell of rodents. These places are exposed to the rodent maximum hence should be targeted first. Locate them as it is done in termite inspection in Sydney.

- Block entry: after the locating them, you will have to bock the entry of the rodent in the house to stop further infestation. Check for broken vent screens in the foundation or attic, vent pipes, tile roof, overlapping roof, broken sewers, uncovered sewers and sanitary sewers. Close or fix these places to control further entry.

- Eradicate food sources: by eliminating the food sources, you can actually cut of their energy sources. The rodents come in the house, mostly in search of the food. Bird seeds, fallen fruits. Ripe fruits, pet food, groceries and pet feces are the most commonly used food sources for them. Keep all the food products in safe places under lock. Do not leave any food in open for Rodent Control in Sydney. Harvest all fruits on time. Remove birdseeds after feeding them. Cover all garbage bins carefully.

- Kill them: after taking all these measures, use rodent killing chemicals to eradicate them. You can use rat poison but make sure to look for the dead rat and remove it carefully. Disinfect the entire house after that to remove traces of poison.

If you are not willing to do this, take help from the professionals. Professional rodent services are the best option to tackle this problem in the house.

Larry Stem is a professional pest controller working with Hard Target Pest Control since 2010, in his free time he writes articles on how to control pest and live a hygienic life. To read more content about Rodent control Sydney, Bird control Sydney and Bed bug control Sydney visit @

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