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How to connect FAST with hundreds of people in SWON!

Jul 2nd 2010 at 11:51 AM


Swom is the fastest-growing social network for Online Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Home Business Owners in the world. Join free at If you ever decide to upgrade to a Gold membership, you'd be making a wise decision because Swom can make you lots of money!

By paying a monthly membership fee of only $25, you are able to:
- Post messages and links advertising your business to all your connections
- Start groups for your business opportunities or interest and send mass invitations to your contacts for them to join your group
- Get paid for referring new members ($15 the first month and $5/month for as long as that member stays active)
- Get paid just for interacting with other swommies. That amount you get is based on points you make while on the site. You get points as unexpected bonuses or according to certain activities you perform while on the site, such as posting a question or an answer to a question on Open University. Another one of those activities is making connections: one point per new connection made, and you are allowed up to 200 points per day. So it is to your advantage to make 100-200 connections per day.

Today, I would like to share with you a very fast way to make connections on Swom. This method uses a Firefox extension called Linky and a tab-browsing program called Quick Tab Change by Jay Hines.

Step by step instructions for Windows PC users:
1) Download Firefox if you don't have it: Click on "Download Firefox -Free" and install it.
2) Open Firefox and go to Then click on "add to Firefox" to download the "Linky" add-on. Click "Install Now" in the window that opens.
3) Restart Firefox (close it and open it again).
4) Go to and click "Download NOW!" at the top of page. After you become a member, you'll be able to
download free the ebook "Super Efficient Surfing ebook" and make money promoting QuickTabChange (optional).
5) Install QTC Lite (Quick Tab Change by Jay Hines).
6) Open QTC Lite and read instructions (click "instructions" button). It'll tell you to assign a key for quick tab changing. Choose "LeftWindowsKey" (if you decide later that you don't like that one, you can reassign your hotkey at any time when you reopen the program) by clicking on "LeftWindowsKey" (first one at the top). Then click "Set Hotkey".
7) Firefox can open a huge amount of tabs...IN WINDOWS: I open up to 70 tabs at once with linky (don't overdo it or your computer will slow down) may be somebody's contacts, or new people...I go to any page where I see I don't have many of the contacts in there (after all, I already have 6000); highlight them all (say 27 people in "new people"), right click, go to linky, then go to "open links in new tabs", once they are open, I switch from tab to tab with "Quick Tab Change" and click on "make new connection". Once done, right click on a tab and chose "close all tabs". If I get to a page of a contact I already have, I paste a text I have ready for such eventuality, that way I make a point any way. That's it.
FOR MACINTOSH, I use a different Firefox extension. I'll post instructions next time if anybody is interested.

1) Make sure you don't have a lot of programs open as that will slow down your computer. You may even want to restart your computer if you notice it's been sluggish.
2) Open Firefox, and make sure you don't have a lot of tabs already open. Open a new window just for your Swom session.
3) Okay. Your Firefox window should be showing only one tab. That one page should be and you should be logged in, of course.
4) Go to my swom profile page:, go down to "Contacts" and click "See All" or go here: Once or twice a day, you also want to go here and contact the most recent members: also.
5) Highlight all contacts (alternatively click "Ctrl A" if you have huge problems selecting all contacts on that page).
6) Right click on that highlighted area and go down to "Linky". Click and from the menu that opens, choose "Open all selected links in tabs"
7) A small window opens that reads, "Select the links you wish to open. 27 links out of 27 selected." All links are already selected for you. Give them a quick look and uncheck the boxes with links you don't need%u2026For instance, if you accidentally selected a link such as, or you already have one of those contacts active, etc. You only want to open the members' page. You probably need to do this the very first time you use this program.
8) At the bottom of that window, click "Commands" and go to "Mark selected links as visited", click it. In the future, when you go to somebody else's connections' page, you don't want to open a bunch of pages of people you already know. This saves time.
9) Click on "Open Selected Links." It's next to "Commands"
10) Now click your hotkey (the windows key with the Microsoft logo on it) to change to the first tab. Click on "Connect with " to connect with that person (On the orange box or on the blue one%u2026it doesn't matter). If you already have a connection pending, click hotkey again. If you already have an active connection with that member, you can skip and go to the next tab or you can paste the message/ad that you copied to your clipboard.
11) Click hotkey, connect, click hotkey, connect. I think you get the picture.
12) When the last connection is clicked, you are taken back to the first tab (myconnections' page). RIGHT-CLICK on the close button for that tab, and choose "Close Other Tabs". A window opens asking if you really want to close those tabs. Click on "Close tabs"
13) Go down on my page to where it says, "Next" and click to go to the next page. Repeat.
14) You can choose to have open a certain number of tabs before you start going from tab to tab. I've opened up to 100 hundred, BUT you run the risk of your computer crashing or slowing down. Besides, closing the tabs is really quick, so I wouldn't open more than 55 tabs at a time. It'll take you about 25 minutes to connect with 100 people, which is the minimum you should be connecting with every day. Happy Swomming!

NOTE: If you have questions or something is not clear at all, please let me know, so I can make corrections. Feel free to sign up for my free newsletter at my personal site: I won't spam you. I'll only share useful articles and tips with you; and from time to time I'll send you free reports, ebooks and more. Thanks in advance for your friendship. Visit my Swom profile if you haven't done that yet and try some of my programs. I'm here for you if you need me.

To your success,

Marialba Baez
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

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