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How To Choose Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Aug 18th 2010 at 6:42 PM

Being successful at anything takes determination, practice and diligence. Just wanting to be successful isn’t enough.

When you begin to think about being successful, you need to see yourself as being successful. This is called the Belief stage. Once you believe you can do it, when you can really see yourself doing it, then you can begin to learn. You cannot be successful at anything unless you complete a learning phase.

First you will need to set a goal. Find out exactly what it is you need to learn. For example, if you are thinking about Network Marketing as a goal you would need to find out more about what opportunities are available.

Find “someone else” you think is successful who is in the networking marketing business. Take your time and ask a lot of questions.

Find out which companies have the best compensation plans. Not many companies offer a 58% return to their marketers. When finding out more about my Primary Opportunity I learned we were one of only four or five opportunities that paid back fifty-eight percent to its networkers.

You would also need to look at the various ways you would market your opportunity. Would you use free advertising or would you pay for advertising?

Companies often teach duplication with “their” version of a system which is always better for the company and not so good for the marketer. Some companies are still teaching the “old school” network marketing techniques and have very little if any marketing strategies for the online business owner.

This would be a important question when you are finding information out about a company, “What system do you have that will market my opportunity online?” Many have “someone else” do their advertising for them.  You would need to decide which method you would be using.

If you were to decide you wanted “someone else” to advertise for you, your budget constraints would probably make the call for you.

When you find an opportunity you would like to learn more about and you figured out how you would go about advertising, the next step would be to find out who is in the opportunity you are looking at and how well are they doing?

You would need to attend a Webinar or meeting about the opportunity you found to be interesting. You would ask many questions about the business to find out how it works exactly and if others were happy with it.

Who would be helping you learn your new business and do they have a reputable history of helping others succeed? Because if there is no one available to teach you the ropes of a new endeavor your chances of success would be only 3%.

So for example, you signed up with an opportunity you checked out thoroughly. You asked many questions, attended a webinar or two to find out more information. You located a person in the business and you decided they had been successful. Now what?

Companies will often tell you to duplicate when teaching you what to do in a Network Marketing opportunity. But what if they are still teaching “old school” techniques. I found you cannot duplicate “old school” styles very easily. Many marketers fail because they are unable to duplicate themselves, roughly 97%.

Cold calling and home parties are not for everyone. And these days everyone wants an opportunity they can work online exclusively. No matter how hard some people work they will never be able to do cold calls, and the same for home parties; not everyone is the ultimate hostess.

So in order to achieve the highest percentage of success with an opportunity, for you and everyone you signup, you will need a system that CAN be duplicated. These systems are very few and far between out there on the internet.

I have found a duplicatable system. I searched for a long time and finally found it. Its called “The Ultimate Success System”. Founded by a bunch of Network Marketing couples who have a dream of helping the little guy and found by helping the little guy, it would sky-rocket their success in the Network Marketing Industry!


They have a system that teaches the “Believe, Learn, Practice, Teach” method. This method is the same method you and I used when we learned how to walk as a child. The same method we used when we learned how to drive a car. The same method everyone learns by. Its age-old. has over 100+ years in the Network Marketing Industry. We are a team of entrepreneurs who are willing to teach you how to market your opportunity online. It can be done. We have a one-of-a-kind system that absolutely works.


Stop by and ask us how we do it, we would love to help you become a successful online business entrepreneur.


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