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How to choose the right steel ball

Oct 29th 2015 at 12:30 AM

Mill name suggests, its role is to rely on grinding balls Grinding Cylpebs suppliers and friction between materials which aim to achieve the grinding, so the quality is good or bad for ball mill grinding efficiency and quality has a very significant impact. The quality not only affects productivity ball size, but also affect the level of consumption of the ball, thereby affecting the grinding media costs. So how to choose the balls heavy.

When selecting the ball, there are two issues often overlooked: the ball Crusher Hammer Head selling leads is not the harder the better, but has its proper hardness values; ball density is also a problem can not be ignored.

Simple pursuit of high hardness low consumption is wrong. High hardness and low consumption does not mean low cost, high hardness and low consumption of ball often very high price. High hardness does not necessarily increase productivity, and even decline, only the production of high consumption indicators in order to make the drop. Therefore, the selection criteria should be the primary ball mill low productivity and large grinding media costs. v

The impact of Grinding Cylpebs hardness, in general, with the increase in hardness, long break does not occur, the ball consumption decrease; and make the ball deformation in crushing the ball deformation is small, more energy can be used for crushing ore particles, It can increase the productivity of the mill.

But the increase in the Crusher Hammer Head exporters hardness of the ball can only be modest, there is a proper range, not the harder the better. If you only consider the ball consumption, the higher the consumption of lower hardness. But the productivity of the mill, in a certain range of productivity increases with increasing hardness of the ball, but the hardness of the adverse effects on the productivity of the mill over a certain range, so that the mill productivity.

Grinding ball density on the impact of the same size ball density greater productivity for large and small density of small productivity. Ball density is influenced by three main factors.

1, the material influence, steel, cast iron, steel, etc., different materials of different density, density larger than the cast iron steel, alloy steel, depending on the density and the content of the main alloying elements varies;

2 and Ball Manufacturing methods ball rolling and forging its dense, so the density of large, cast steel casting ball, ball or cast iron alloy balls and other organizations are not very dense, even where there are holes, so density smaller;

Different crystal structure density, impact ball microstructure, martensite, austenite, bainite, ferrite and so is not the same, the fineness of crystallization also have an impact.

Choose the right ball for the ball, not the blind pursuit of high hardness; however, the same size of the ball, should give priority to high density ball, because the choice of such a ball mill production efficiency will be better.

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