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How to Choose Power Words for Your Ads

Apr 2nd 2014 at 7:26 PM

Momentarily imagine that you’re in charge of hiring a new salesperson for your company. You’re looking for a positive, energetic person. In the process of the interviews you find that most of the candidates are lifeless and sluggish.

However, one of the candidates stood out. The sheer enthusiasm of this candidate got your attention. This candidate is positive and energetic. You realize that this one is the perfect match! So now it’s decision time.

Which candidate are you going to hire?

  • The one who’s energetic and enthusiastic?
  • A likeable, but questionable candidate?
  • One of the passive and sluggish candidates?

There’s really no question who you’ll hire. The energetic, positive, enthusiastic candidate gets the position. You hire the candidate that got your attention.

In similar fashion that’s the way you need to treat words for your ads. Don’t employ words that are sluggish and passive. Rather, pick words that’ll get the attention of those who see your ads.

Choose Power Words That Demand Attention

When you get ready to create your ad, think carefully about your product or service. How would you describe it? How would you spark curiosity? What words might stimulate positive emotions and pleasant thoughts?

Do you have a proven product? Do you have a unique service? If you feel that your product is amazing, put it in your ad. Words that attract attention will captivate your prospects. They’ll read and act on your ads.

In order to use power words that demand attention, you have to know the words. So what follows are examples of adjectives, nouns, and adverbs that attract attention.

Take note of the following twenty adjectives: Amazing, Easy, Explosive, Fascinating, Free, Guaranteed, Hidden, Incredible, New, Proven, Revealing, Secret, Sensational, Stunning, Surefire, Tested, Unique, Urgent, Ultimate, and Vital.

There are many more but with this list of twenty you can see the vast possibilities. Those twenty adjectives demand the attention of people who see your ad.

Take note of the following ten nouns: Breakthrough, Cash, Discovery, Expert, Formula, Miracle, Money, Profits, Wealth, You.

Again, there are more but this list shows the attraction potential of properly placed nouns.

Now note some adverbs: Easily, Instantly, Quickly, and Suddenly.

The listed adverbs move people to take quick action, and to feel that they can do it with ease.

When you reflect on the listed adjectives, nouns, and adverbs, you can easily see their power of attraction. They quickly get and retain your attention. Those words are deeply ingrained in the minds of your prospects.

Those words stimulate positive emotions and can also project your prospects from the present into the future. Words like that demand attention, and your prospects will take notice.

Now take a look at some sample headlines using the preceding power words:

  • Instantly Explode Your Web Traffic with These Amazing Techniques
  • Master the Inside Secrets of Highly Successful Internet Marketers
  • How to Easily Explode Your Profits to Thrilling Levels

When your headlines and ads resemble the bulleted examples, you’ll be sure to seize the attention of your prospects.

It’s great to know what words you should use, but it’s equally vital to know what words to avoid when creating your ads. So let’s now consider words to avoid.

Avoid Using Negative Words That Repel

Just as there are words that should be used to attract prospects, there are also words that should be avoided at all costs. Using the wrong words will repel prospects by arousing negative emotions. When that happens prospects quickly move on to another site.

It’s vital that you use the right words in your ads. At the same time you must avoid using negative words that repel. With that in mind let’s examine some words that repel.

Here are ten adjectives to avoid: Bad, Complicated, Difficult, Helpless, Hopeless, Lonely, Needless, Scarce, Ugly, and Wrong.

There are more but you get a good idea of what not to use. Now take a look at some nouns to avoid.

Here are ten nouns to avoid: Contract, Cost, Deal, Decision, Disgust, Liability, Loss, Misery, Obligation, and Worry.

Here are some verbs to avoid: Buy, Fail, Reject, and Sell

With the words you should avoid in mind, note two contrasting ads for the same product:

  • Negative: Worried about Online Income? Buy This EBook!
  • Positive: Discover Proven Tactics to Boost Your Online Income

It’s clear to see the difference in the two ads. Which ad were you attracted to? More than likely it was the positive ad. You want to fashion your ads similarly. Positive words attract, negative words repel. Positive words lead to online income, whereas negative words lead to online failure.

Power Words Lead to Online Success

When you choose words with power your ads will stand head and shoulders above the rest. Prospects who view your ad will take action. Conversely, if you use words that awaken negative emotions people will quickly leave your ad.

When positive words are used prospects will read your ad, take action on your offer, and become customers. The relationships you form with those customers can last for years. You may even be able to form lucrative joint ventures with some of them.

Here’s the bottom line: Choose power words for your ads and prosper online.

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