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I'm a Virtual Assistant who specializes with website making, SEO, Social Media Management and Marketing and Virtual Administrative tasks.

How To Be A Virtual Assistant

Mar 8th 2020 at 8:46 PM

What is a VA? What does it mean to be freelancer? How to enter the home based worker heaven?

Let us face it. Nobody knows anything about these things until just recently, when it exploded in the media. Nobody entered college planning to be a freelancer someday. It was just not in the book of "Plans". Personally I've never heard of Virtual Assistant until I was in my late 20's. There was no courses for it, no specializations for working at home there are no straight paths to becoming a successful home based worker.

For me, I graduated a Nurse. I did all I can to be a Nurse and I did went out into the adult world as one. But the book of "Plans" was a fiction. It was a figment of a student's imagination. Nothing went as planned. Dreams were crushed, plans were re-scheduled, then re-scheduled, some plans were scrapped and some plans even came earlier that expected. Needless to say, I was stuck in a conundrum on what to do and where to go and if I did want to go away.

That was until one day, I heard of Virtual Assistance in the news and how this one lady became successful and rich because of it, while staying close to her family. It was perfect! My interest was piqued and I started to search about it. I set my mind to it and then I entered the unknown. And now I will tell you what I did and what I wish I did to become a Virtual Assistant.

Research on What Virtual Assistants Do

I researched everything about virtual assistants and what are the kinds of things they can do. I then tried to pick out the skills I already have and can offer the possible clients in the future. Growing up in a high-tech world, I was lucky I had the basic skills under my belt such as -- using the computer, for starters, making websites, making and using social media accounts, etc. Everything will rely on your computer skills and the internet. Literally, everything. Next is, how good your typing skills are, can you use a website and can you navigate an e-mailing platform or an online calendar. If you aren't familiar with them, no worries.

You only need one skill for the moment, and that is to be a good learner.

Research, relax and hone the skills you need.

We will get there.

Join a Virtual Assistant or Freelancing Group

I went to my Facebook and joined various groups and pages. I learned some but I was still lost and confused of the terminologies they were using and had collected more questions than answers. You will need these groups one day and they might probably help you land a job. For the mean time, we have to learn the skills to land them. I did the next possible step.

Join a Freelancing Seminar

By virtue of internet cookies, I was lead to the FVA Consultancy's Freelancing Seminar. I paid the fee, which was by the way, worth all the knowledge I garnered and then I started the month long training. When the training began, I was still managing my online business and it completely slipped my mind. I was behind for week! I tried catching up and did all the portfolios I need and here I am. My tip for you is to focus all you time and energy learning. Limit your mindless scrolling and make the best portfolios you can. These are the very portfolios you will show you future clients.

I learned a lot from them, from choosing my niche to setting up my UpWork, making my own freelancing facebook page to learning new skills such as Social Media Management and Marketing and SEO's.


I highly suggest to use this path as learning on your own can be good, but learning from the experts will be best for your freelancing career.

Keep updating yourself

Just like your cellphone apps, we need to be updated regularly. What's new, what's in and what the world is talking about. What we will enter is a past paced world where tasks depend on information and technology.

Use a Calendar and Be Your Own Assistant

Write down your tasks, make your milestones, schedule your days and be productive. Make time to update you websites and social media accounts and most especially, your portfolios. Learn new skills as you go along and find out what niche you are most comfortable doing and master that


Keep Applying and Keep Looking

There are no instant jobs. You will be lured with money, time and freedom, but these will cost you. You will need to strengthen your resolve and be patient. The right client will come on the right time and on your right skills. If things take time or leads turn sour, just persevere and turn some more rocks. That's the only way to land the Job of your dreams.

If you follow all these then you will be on your way to you Virtual Assistant dream. Even if you are a beginner like me, you will eventually learn the ropes and be one day be your own boss. If you want ideas for your own Virtual Assistant Branding, you can check my website for more tips and ideas.


See you around and I hope you reach your freelancing dreams!

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