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How To Advertise In Google For Free

Sep 20th 2010 at 7:22 AM

Seeing this title you might be wondering how possible is it really, to place your ads in Google without having to spend any dime.I want you to take your time and read every word of this piece as you are on your way to discovering this secret.

This secret is something that may seem unbelievable but for thoughtful internet marketers,it is something you would want to have known before now.

Here is how the secret works:

  • *Create a  website, and make a doorway page,or a lead capture page, or possibly a splash page for any product you may choose.
  • * The next thing is to determine the best keywords and keyword phrases,the most optimal(lowest yet effective) bids, and most optimal(yet still front page effect) daily budgets for that particular page.
  • * Having determined the exact cost(i.e bids and daily budgets minimum) and for all relevant keywords and phrases, you take the total cost and multiply it by 31 days maximum(for the greatest no of days in a month possible) and get a maximum monthly PPC advertising cost.
  • * To simplify things, divide this amount by a possible 10 spots you choose to sell off on the same doorway page.
  • * You then multiply this number by a lower multiplier of 1.25 and an upper multiplier of 1.5 to get my lower and upper sell off cost.
  • * Advertise on that page using a banner or text that says:
  • "Advertise Here To Google's 100 Million Daily Buyers!Your Banner Here Instead Of This One!-Now Just$197."
  • * Then sell off all the possible spaces thus with this you can pay off your advertising expenses.

I will expound on these steps in details.

1. Create lead-capture page for any niche of your choice.Add some content on the page with many offers.It is natural as you expect visitors to your site on seeing your page with ads splashed over it to be pushed off. What you should do is to ensure the ads on your page is at least 20 and 25.
It is noteworthy that with many ads on your page,this will lure other advertiser to want to join in.It is tactful if you begin to place your own ads t show to their advertiser how competitive your page ads slot is.
At the bottom of your page, you can place a small text ads like:

"Your Ad Here
Put your ad on this website today"

You then promote this space using PPC advertising.When anyone click on these ads,they get to a page where you will tell them the;

Average CPC rate,Alexa rank,Google page rank and the previous Day's page views including the placement options and price.It could be ;

  • one day-$15
  • one week-$40
  • one month-$150

This would help woo advertisers as they see that the risk is to an extent less since they choose any options that is convenient for them.

This is just the beginning, there is more as you watch out for the part 2 of this piece.

However, if you want the full gist on this,go this page for more.

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Sep 21st 2012 at 12:24 AM by mrpthai
Google ppc Thank.

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