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How Others See You..

Dec 3rd 2011 at 8:19 PM

How Others See You.

Making an impression on the people within your community, is one of the first steps you take on your online marketing journey, whether you know it or not.
The impression you make now, will considerably affect your level of success in the future. People tend to form an opinion on others they meet (or come across) fairly quickly. You need to take this opportunity to show people who you really are. As a surfer myself, I see countless generic sales pages and standard splashes, every single day. On a regular Traffic Exchange, there's no way of knowing who is behind the page, so, if I were to sign up, it would just be a matter of 'luck' as to who's list or downline I would end up in. People may well find this loose system is getting some results, however, you do have the power to take control of the situation... You see, it's all about YOU!

Here's an example: Ten people using the same Traffic Exchange are all promoting the same great offer. Nine of those use a generic sales page, and one creates a unique splash, that's eye catching and personal. Without a doubt, the person who is presenting themselves along with the offer, will see better results than the other nine. This person is making a connection with their audience.

I see these pages time and time again and they are rarely able to make a personal connection... Unlike a unique page, created by another real person.


============================== If you are new to internet marketing, this may bear the question: “How and where do I meet these people I am supposed to make a connection with?”


============================= I use a large selection of effective Traffic Exchanges (sites that are usually free to join, where you view other peoples websites for credits, you then use these credits to get others to view yours) Some I choose for their speedy delivery of traffic, others for their dynamic surf ratios, but my main selection, for their incredible social aspect.
Using the methods displayed in this blog, I get my best results by far, from one particularly unique T.E... Sweeva offers the most in social benefits, and if used correctly, enables its members to make an enormous impact on the community that surf there. I strongly recommend “homing in” and focussing your main efforts on the social benefits available from the "social" T.E's.
These ones are great too:      I LOVE HITS ~   ThumbVu ~   StartXchange ~   TopHits4U Here is a basic, but ESSENTIAL check list: complete before you do anything else. ~ 1st Add your picture to your profile. (This may need to be uploaded from your computer, or a gravatar image, linked to your email.) ~ 2nd Complete your profile information. (This includes your “about me” if applicable. Be open & honest, put some personality in there. Also make sure any social site links are complete, ie: facebook, twitter, skype etc.) ~ 3rd Make sure you have skype! (+ include this on your profile where possible. - Skype is 100% free, and you are missing out on connecting with people if you don't.) OK.. So now you are ready to get social! As I mentioned before, standard generic pages just don't connect with your audience as well as you will. This is worth noting down and remembering: DUSAP D on't U se S tandard A ffiliate P ages I really can't stress enough, how important this is; Before you start promoting any programs or offers, you need to promote YOU!
The more you connect with your audience, the more notice they will take each time they see your pages. The more notice they take, the more attention will be paid to your offers. Being open and honest is important. Just be yourself, this is the easiest way to make a good impression as a person who is honest and has nothing to hide. Promote YOU!
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Dec 18th 2011 at 9:43 PM by IMHOMEBIZCOACH
I agree with every thing you said in this very informative article. Keep up the good work, have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Ken
Dec 16th 2011 at 9:05 PM by klewis
Very helpful and encouraging article.

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