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Hi There. My name is Keith Everett and I am an Internet Marketer & Author.

On my blog you will find a wide range of Money Making Information,Tips & Tricks to really help you to increase your bank balance. And hopefully change your whole life for the better.

This blog was designed to help motivate,empower and inspire you to live life to the fullest, by creating life changing amounts of money, something, most people can only dream about.

So first, here is a little about me..

I live in Broxboune, Hertfordshire, England. I grew up in Enfield, when Enfield was still in the county of Middlesex. It is now a LONDON borough.

I have always been an ambitious person, even when I was a scrawny 13 year old. At 13 years of age, I had started up a paid newsletter on the subject of buses, and my dad freaked out one day when a grown man came to our house to meet the Editor in Chief of this popular publication.

I started My first Mail Order Business At 14

I was a great one for buying and selling things through the \"Exchange & Mart\" a weekly buy & sell magazine, and made my first sales in my own Mail Order Business at 14.

I was never a real hotshot at school, and literally hated every subject except MATHS... You see, even in those days, the power of NUMBERS was kicking in, as I was preparing to make good, my financial future.

By the time I was 21, I had my first REAL taste of making money.... I bought a Betting Shop in Camberley, Surrey.

A £37,000 Profit

At 21, I was one of the youngest betting office licence holders in the UK, and my first venture into the betting business was a success. I sold this same shop 16 weeks later to a chain of Bookmakers and made a £37,000 profit.

Not bad for a kid wet behind the ears eh?

In the last 30 or so years, I have had a driving school, an Ice Cream business, a Horse Racing Tipping Business and I even made a good living selling diet pills on eBay.

I hasten to add, I have also had many failures as well.

Penniless, Homeless - Broke

A few years later, the money was gone..

My lowest point ever was in 1987 when my then girlfriend who I adored with all my heart, ended our relationship. In the next 18 months my life fell apart and not only did I become homeless & virtually friendless (who wants to know when you are on a downward spiral ?). At one point I was near enough destitute. I had gone from that happy go lucky chap with all the hope in the world, who made £37,000 in 16 weeks, to someone who couldn\'t even afford the price of a good meal.

You Can Do Anything

I spent the next few years rebuilding my life, learning how to cope with setbacks and to realise that the setbacks are just the hurdles we encounter along the way before true successes come. We pretty much get what we pretty much expect in this life..

That is my story. I am telling you this, not to moan about my life, but to let you know that SUCCESS can sometimes mean having plenty of FAILURES... and even though you have failed and things got SO bad that you just plain old wanted to give up... NEVER ever give in and GIVE UP..... Success comes to those who STAY the distance...If you keep on aiming for the BULLSEYE, you will surely hit it EVENTUALLY!

Even if the whole world seems against you... YOUR TIME WILL COME...

Straight Talk - This life is not all about YOU and you earning money. It\'s about YOU helping people and GIVING people what they want...then you have EARNED the RIGHT to make money... most people don\'t understand this, that\'s why they never make any REAL money!

So, here I am, loving every minute of being an Internet Marketer. I have written many articles on making money and a book entitled \"10 Killer Ways To Make Money from Home\"

I work from home, and my big ambition is to make it to the TOP in this business and to show other people how to RECLAIM their lives by becoming financially independent.

If you help enough people get what THEY want... you will get what you want.

Enjoy the Blog, don\'t be a stranger, come back often..


P.S Why not grab yourself a FREE copy of my book, just leave your name and email address in the opt in form, top right of the page.

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How Not to Win Friends, Influence People Or Make Any Money on Facebook at All!

Sep 9th 2010 at 1:28 AM

It's a bit like driving a car - you either "get it" or you don't, if you don't you take more lessons - making money on Facebook is a skill to be learned.

I have just received another amazing offer from a Facebook friend, I have only just befriended, not so much as a "Hello", just BAM, Buy my STUFF! - So! I felt it was about time, based on my own personal experiences on Facebook, that I revealed my slant on, "How NOT to be successful on Facebook".

I'm sure you get all kinds of offers yourself on Facebook, if you sell products yourself, how can you make yours stand out above other people's

It's about the DELIVERY... not the OFFER itself.

My News Feed & my in - box are looking more and more like SPAM City every day, and I'm getting as much spam on Facebook as I do on my home computer. The main protagonists via Facebook email are event organisers who invite all and sundry to "anything" - I get regular messages inviting me to Bar Nights, in Miami - all very nice, I say, except that I live in Hertfordshire, England.

So, once we have waded through all the Spam. we have to ask ourselves a question - Why Should People BUY from Me?

The answer to that question lies in YOUR answer to this question - What does SUCCESS on Facebook mean to you?

If your answer is something along the lines of " To have a group off like minded, interesting friends from many differnet cultures, with differing interests, who may or may not be interested in what I have to offer, either now or in the future. You could be on your way to CRACK the Facebook Success Code...

Here is What NOT to do.... this is the ticket to LOSERVILLE... No Facebook friends and No Facebook Dollars!;-(

I see it everyday, where a person's wall has either a whole list of Twitter Tweets with short URLs leading to Affiliate offers or blatant ad's just trying to advertise something.

Now, I'm not saying their is anything wrong with selling something, quite the opposite - that is what I do, every day but, I wouldn't as a complete stranger, just knock on your door, walk into your house and expect you to buy my product - why should Facebook be any different?

You can't just go STORMING in - all guns BLAZING!

Here is how I think it should be done, as usual I would also be glad to hear your comments on this.

When I first joined Facebook, I was new to Internet Marketing and to be honest, I didn't really have a clue about Facebook.

I just tried to get as many friends as quickly as possible, and ended up with a warning from Facebook and a Ban from inviting any friends for a couple of day's - with a further warning from Facebook that my account could be deleted if I carried on RAPID Friend finding?

So how was I doing it wrong?

I was inviting far too many people to be my friend, far too quickly!.

How many people should you invite each day to be your friend? - the right answer, if you want new friends without feeling the WRATH of the Facebook Gods is between 20 & 25 people a day - this in my opinion, is about right.

Who should you invite? - Why not invite people who have something in common with you. NOT people who YOU think would be a wonderful source of income... people are NOT human cash machines... they are - people, if we treat them with respect! then they will do the same with you and react positively towards you.

So, now that we have our NEW friends, what shall we do with them? - How about TALK to them - interact with them, find out WHO they are, where they are from and what they like to do. This is called Social Networking.

If you think that getting CUSTOMERS to your products, on Facebook is anything other than building personal relationships with people, you - are seriously WRONG!

The next time I get the next AMAZING offer or program from someone I don't really know, do you seriously think I would BUY it?

Of course not, I BIN it... OK, you might have the greatest offer EVER!... doesn't the greatest offer ever, deserve to be presented "properly" and not Spammed on people's walls like Graffiti?

If you want lots of nice friends on Facebook and actually get REAL customers who will BUY your products - here is the "SECRET" Key... Unlock it - and you could have pot of Gold, ignore it and you could have a pile of C***

You decide.... Gold or C***?

1) On your personal wall, i.e YOUR news-feed, for every product link you place advertising your product or Free giveaway, leading to your opt in form - insert between 5 & 10 useful pieces of content, your friends will enjoy this, they will love you for it,and possibly share it with their friends. This is what Facebook is all about, INTERACTION with other people.

So what quality content can you share with friends?

1) A Video (grab one from You Tube ) this could be Motivational, Funny, Newsworthy, or your favourite music..

2) An Inspirational quote - I love them, you might love them, other people definitely, love them.

3) A Funny Quote or Joke!

4) A great picture. upload some pictures to your photo album (yes you can create one on your profile) it will show up on your wall every time you upload a photo or video to it -and of course, on your friend's wall every time you do this. Get creative.

5) Some useful information or a "tip" maybe. people love new information, especially if it's useful and helps them in their life.

You see, here you are creating something that people will actually look forward to see. If you do it regularly, people will start to "EXPECT" it.

You see where we are going here, once people expect to hear from you - they will listen to you. If you talk sense, they will "want more information"

Now, if you drop in your link to a product, you "recommend" every now and again, it will just be viewed as part of that "GREAT CONTENT" that you provide each day.

Compare this to the people who have no idea how to market on Social Media at all and have not even bothered to learn, they are using their wall as an advertisement board... the only way you can ESCAPE the barrage of ads appearing from them, on to your wall is to UN friend them.

Once people interact with you on a regular basis - some, will, join your list - or purchase from you, but if they don't, SO What?! - you now have some GREAT like minded friends to interact with, who - you never know, they may even be customers or even partners in your future ventures.

If they like what you provide each day and click "Like", your "Like" will be seen by their friends and some of their friends may also become customers of yours either now or in the future.

"SHARING" is the new SELLING - give your friends a REASON to interact with you. Give them a reason to join your list (i.e some, valuable free content) - this way people will be HAPPY! to do business with you.

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