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How Newbies Lose Money

Apr 2nd 2011 at 7:09 AM

If you've been online any ammount of time you know how easy it is to lose money and waste valuable time. Its a given because complete newbies are Lambs to the slaughter to the weasels, they show you something flashing and shiney and you reach for your credit card. Don't feel bad because we've all done it and I don't care what people tell you or how smart they try to make you believe they are, they won't tell you their early sucker years losses because of ego and pride but you better believe, they've been had at one time or another. We can still get caught by the weasels if we get caught sleeping. Below are a few reasons newbies need to calm down and hold on to their wallets.

1. Dreamers: There's nothing wrong with having a dream but don't allow your mind to create a dream where you can sit on your butt and make a million on auto-pilot.

 2. Opt-in craze: You'll soon learn that the more you opt-in to all the nonsense you see online just opens you up to allow the weasels to add you to their list so they can spam the living daylights out of you and place tracking cookies on your hard drive, not to mention a Trojan and virus for good measure.

3. Learning Curve madness: Sure its good to learn but not forever, at some point you'll have to get your feet wet and put that learning to good use. Execute what you've learned immediately and test, test, test.

4. Buying Crap: You can buy all the junk you want online and I can guarantee you that none of it will give you the whole story, only pieces to the puzzle and never the whole picture. That's how the weasels keep you on their hook forever. Think about this, if they give you the whole puzzle, how are they supposed to eat?

5. The end Result: Pure confusion, I guarantee you that with all the crap and software you bought that you're more confused than when you began. Its too much information at one time. Its a classic case of information overload and you're a victim. My suggestion to any newbie is to settle down and THINK, yes people are making money online but they all had to pay a price no matter what they tell you.

 I'm just trying to give you the benefit of my limited knowledge. I only make suggestions, I don't give advice because in the end, thats your money you're spending or wasting and if you're determined to waste your hard earned money, who am I to deny you your pain and suffering?

 If you're a complete newbie reading this and want to check out a low risk, affordable business, stop by my site and take a look at our short video and if you like what you see, just fill out the form and we'll send you more information. Is it an opt-in form? You bet it is, but the difference is, WE HATE SPAM. We may send you a few follow-up e-mails but thats about it.

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