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How Ibeacon Technology Is Going To Change the Future of Shopping

Nov 18th 2015 at 2:30 AM

The use of Apple’s iBeacon technology for microlocation is expected to drive the innovation in retail as momentum continues to gather around it. An iBeacon is actually an advanced location transmitter that is considered by experts to have the potential of almost completely revolutionizing retail experience by alerting customers about various available deals and also allowing them to pay using their smartphones. At the same time it also provides businesses a huge amount of customer data for analyzing and understanding customer behavior and their spending habits.

If you are a business owner planning for iBeacon marketing there are a number of things that you should know about this low-cost, low-energy Internet of Things technology that brings in a number of important advantages for both the shoppers and retailers.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy, which is actually a variant of Bluetooth technology, is used by iBeacon technology for the purpose of communication. This particular technology uses a triangular pattern over shorter distances in order to allow two-way communication between devices and is also capable of transmitting up to a distance of 500 feet without using GPS, Wi-Fi or mobile internet. The more closer the transmitter is to a smartphone – the better it can point out the exact location of the device and also what the customer is probably looking for. These small wireless sensors are also pretty cheap and their prices are also expected to further come down in near future.
  • Since it was first introduced by Apple they have been implemented in more than 250 Apple retail stores worldwide and the service is normally made available with an application that can be downloaded for free and is capable of detecting users once they have entered the store.
  • With iBeacon retail it has been made possible for businesses to know what their customers are exactly doing. With this available data they can now notify the customers with personalized messages about various available deals providing them a better idea of available products and helping them to find discounts and utilize promotional coupons for effective shopping.
  • A number of other companies are also coming out with products those use iBeacon technology and some of them have even introduced LED lights with Bluetooth LE functionality that is lights capable of relaying information to smartphones and thus further cutting down the expenses for the retailers.
  • One of the most important benefits of iBeacon retail is its power of offering shoppers a more streamlined experience, for they can now not only easily find products but also receive discounts and promotional coupons in real time.·

Though according to the manufacturers iBeacon marketing is only about location detection and it is not made for tracking users or gathering excessive data about them – but privacy still remains a major concern which is required to be confronted both by the consumers and the business owners. For many users location data is considered personal and businesses using this data for promotional purposes may actually be a breach in privacy. For more information in how iBeacon technology is going to change the future of shopping, visit

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D.Savery is well known for his article on the technologies. Through his article, he gives information about the latest technologies in the field of Mobile marketing. He always refers for the latest mobile advertising technology in America.

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