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How Get 600 Hits An Hour At Traffic Exchanges For Newbies

Dec 28th 2010 at 11:10 AM

Traffic Exchanges are a way to get traffic with people who are the most apt to buy your product. It should be noted at this point that the product or service you market should best be  one that the audience must have or wants. Many money making sites are in this category or products that can increase traffic and therefore there bottom line.

I believe, in order for your activities to be successful you need a strategy. The strategy that I have found is that I must get at least 600 hits a day minimum or in my case 600 individual people would theoretically see my ad. I am going to show you how to get these 600 hits in an hour.

Sign up with these 3 traffic exchanges: webbizinsider , toptiertraffic, and splashpagesurfer. These are all owned by the same owner and all have the exact format for surfing. All three offers big bonuses that can add up to almost 150 in an hours time, What is great with these is that the timers are quick and efficient.

It is very important to get this. You must only surf with one offer to be efficient, So that when you surf you should have a true 1 ad viewed to 1 ad is viewed of yours. Some people make the mistake of maxing out their ad quota and expect to get results, The plain truth is that this is a numbers game. The more numbers you have the more returns you will get.

So webbizinsider is a pure 1:1 but you will need to upgrade in the other two to get to the 1:1 ratio, Again, it is vital that you get 1:1 ratio.

When you start out you will add the addresses and sign in. Then go to where it says, "surf"

Then leave for a moment and open the second tab and enter the url of the second exchange and press surf. Then the third  so all three are on different tabs. You see, when we use an internet service will  give us a way to get bandwidth. That can be split into various areas. In this case we have split it into 3 or 3 exchanges all operating at the same time.

So, what you are going to do is gravitate from one tab to another. A tip...wait at least 3 seconds between changing the tab. There will be a sliding bar moving from left to right with 3 bars passing before you go to the next tab.

Understand that this is not much fun and if you are approaching this as a means to meet your financial goals that you have to work at it. Have patience and you will meet your dreams.

To close...I have a saying that I picked up and it rings true most of the time..."if it's to be, it's up to me!". Give it 6 months. This should not be your only avenue of gaining traffic but it is a start.

Good luck to you!

Mark DeMent

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Feb 26th 2011 at 8:03 AM by drkelp
Good article and easy to follow.

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