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How does the film in 3D?

Nov 11th 2012 at 7:22 PM

A rarity, a curiosity .that was the 3D cinema in the past. But now it seems that the entertainment industry begins to bet on him.

Increasingly available systems in the homes of high-quality playback: large screen, digital playback systems for video, surround sound and other wonders that let you enjoy home theater. So it makes sense that we offer something different to watch in cinemas.
Different systems to offer films in 3D over time have been refined, but they are all based on the same principle: the stereoscopic vision.
What is stereo vision?

Our eyes are like cameras that imaged flat, two-dimensional. Because the separation between both eyes, binocular vision achieves this two pictures are slightly different, and the difference varies depending on the distance at which the different objects are falling in our field of vision.
Our brain is responsible for interpreting these flat images so queconstruye three dimensions to which we are accustomed.
So different dimensional theater systems attempt to reproduce the way our eyes record images of the real world to perceive the image projected on a flat screen as if they were two-dimensional.

Much time has passed since the first attempts, those based on color, in which the viewer using special glasses covering her eyes with a semi-transparent red cellophane over one eye and blue on the other. So each eye a different image perceived as the color portion of each of the cellophane let pass unfiltered. The result was an acceptable three-dimensional impression.
Subsequently began to project true color images (red-green not the previous method) and tinted glasses used, so that the eye glass could see the picture emitted polarized light and the other image emitted in other polarized light.
Currently the film is actually two films screened simultaneously with interleaved frames and glasses have a filter that is synchronized with LCD projection system, so that the crystals alternately darken one eye to see a movie and the other see the other and that the slight differences between them conform the three-dimensional image in the same way that the brain form the three-dimensional image from the real world.

Sabionda Note: To make a living to enjoy three-dimensional view, it is essential you have two eyes located on the front of his skull. This is an evolutionary adaptation necessary to calculate the distances correctly.
Note sabionda: And the next step seems to be the holographic film, still in development, which consists of a screen composed of many small units that they can change their transparency, brightness and color. When light strikes these elements in different state, it is achieved that the light reflected on the screen to form the desired image. If changes are made quickly enough achieved the feeling of movement.

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