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How Do You Sell Without Selling?

Feb 26th 2011 at 5:20 AM

The real question should be how do you sell to people who love to buy but hate to be sold? Therein lies the dilemma, people are assaulted with a daily barrage of sales pitches 24/7 and after awhile you become shell shocked and annoyed, its like the trash truck, you know it makes noise but you teach yourself to block it out of your mind because you know its a fact of life and will happen regardless. My solution is to provide a service or solution to people's problems and I lean away from the hard sell approach completely and allow people to believe their purchase was all their idea and in reality it is when you think about it. People nowadays are more informed, even Senior Citizens are becoming more and more computer literate,

 I can clearly remember the time when most people would proudly tell you that they know nothing about computers, didn't know how to turn one on and hated them. Not now, that line of thinking is a thing of the past. I'm just honest with people and have no problem letting them know that I feel what they're going through because when all is said and done I'm just like them, I'm a consumer as well and I also want the best quality and deal I can get. When you think about it, the concept of selling without selling is impossible because your goal after all is the sale but its the techniques you use that will put you in another catagory with the customer, nobody likes overly aggressive pushy people. The best scenerio would be to put yourself in the educator role, that way you're giuding people instead of forcing them.

 I also believe your website has an important role to play in all this as well, If I go to your website and see that its full of hype with cash falling down from the sky, sportscars, Yachts, Mansions, Private Jets, bikini clad women lounging around with me on a private island nursing a drink with an umbrella in it, you would be suspect in my book. For instance, I love my company and I try to stay away from blatant spamvertising, can I patent that word? I attempt to humanize my company, service and products because I've been there and done that so when people ask me about my business my answers come natural. When you're passionate about what you do you don't have to press people because after awhile people wonder what you're into and will go to your site and check out what you're doing. I give my company a human face, I'm not locked away in some cubicle in an office building, my interaction with people is conversational not high pressure selling. Don't be afraid to learn how to blog because your feelings can come accross in print and people will be able to see that. Will your grammer and spelling be perfect? Heck no but like anything else, you get better with time.

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