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I am a student of Online Marketing and I am constantly learning new things day after day.

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing and wish to observe and participate in this learning process, please join me on my Journey.

Post your comments and ideas. Thank you.
Michel Muhlhauser | muhlhausermichel

How Do You Advertise???

Jan 22nd 2011 at 10:11 AM

My today’s post is dedicated to YOU, all my readers who wrote comments to my blogs during the last couple of days.  First, I would like to thank you very much and tell you how glad I am to be able not only to write to you and offer you blindly some real valuable information, but also to stay in contact with all of you in order to network and exchange ideas and opinions.

Blogs = Traffic = Money

In fact, the very reason to write blogs is Traffic…… Blogging is hugely popular and a tremendous way to build traffic and get promotion for yourself, your business, your product(s) and services.

A few of YOU mentioned that they wished to be able to write articles like the ones on my website. They mentioned that they appreciated and loved my blogs, BUT did not have the time to really make it happen. “Well folks, it does not take that much BUT it takes a portion of willingness and dedication”.

A huge number of YOU did make the following comment (literally hundreds of YOU)

“This site seems to receive a large amount of visitors. How do you advertise it? It offers a nice unique spin on things. I guess having something useful or substantial to say is the most important thing”. has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 1,413,970, worldwide and visitors to the site spend about seventeen minutes per visit to the site. The site's visitor’s view has an average of 140 unique pages per day”.

I have been struggling for quite some time, following instructions, buying products, listening to “Wise” people and trying to do things as I was told. I believed promises and was hurt. But worst off all, I was taken for a ride, I was lied to and all those “Wise” people just took my money and my time. Exactly the same as it happens to thousands of newbie’s and people who wish to make money online and believe that fortune will come over night.

So I decided to go another road. I spend another portion of time in selecting the positive experiences and discarding the negative ones. I started writing articles, suggestions and joined a group of people that have the same intention, namely helping beginners to find the right track. It is easy to make money online, TRUE, but only if YOU know the rules.

Since a couple of months I am trying to issue information to all of YOU, my readers. I want YOU to know that all my articles are not my inventions but my experiences which I approve. I write only about things I believe in and things that do reflect the truth. So the answer for the question I received from hundreds of YOU is found within my articles. I do advertise in the way I suggested YOU to advertise, either for free or by paying. But my objective is always to spend as little as possible and to earn as much as possible.

So here we are, I want YOU to have one more time the possibility to make use of all the tools I have on hand for myself and my success. Affiliate Marketing is not a SECRET. It is HARD, CONSISTANT and REPEATED DAILY WORK.

I will put up useful links for YOU. I do not want YOU to buy or invest, but to make the best out of what is available. Visit my links, dig into it, investigate, try it out and select what suits for you. Contact me for suggestions, ask me questions, give me your opinion and you will have the solution for YOUR BUSINESS. This is a constantly changing environment.

To your Success

Michel Muhlhauser


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