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I am a Christian, Internet Marketer, giving tips and advise on Small Business,Internet Marketing,Self Improvement (see articles) and Spiritual Marketing. Passion Soul Winner for Jesus!
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Hi I am back from an absence of a year and would like to say hello to all my old friends , and want to meet new. God bless!

How can you get more traffic to your website without spending too much money?

Jul 12th 2010 at 12:12 PM

Participate in Forum discussions, post your URL in Blogs, Social Media Optimization website which will drive more free traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization is a very involved process, but here are a few tips that can have drastic effects:

Perhaps the most important aspect of SEO. Select a few words that reflect the intent of your website and use them often in page titles, links, content, etc. Search engine bots look for these keywords.

Title tags
Page titles should contain keywords.

The anchor is a text of the link. It has very much great value in time of sites ranging. The link anchor should comprise keywords on which the site moves ahead.
Some moments on anchors:
- Anchors should be different, in an ideal - each site should have the anchor. I.e. if you promote a site on demand "mattresses", anchors should look so - «super mattresses», «cheap mattresses by wholesale», «we sell mattresses» etc. If anchors are identical everywhere, they can be glued.
- Do not make an anchor too long, it is ideal to consist of 4х words.
- When you make an anchor sheet and dilute it with different words (for the anchor being unique everywhere), you should dilute it with popular words which are often met.
- There is an opinion that the first word in an anchor has the least weight, therefore it is better not to put a keyword in the anchor beginning.
- Also there is an opinion that if the anchor has a point, in this case words located after it are not considered.

Meta tags
Not as powerful as they once were, but still important. Meta tags should list the keywords that you choose to use in your website.

That should be enough to get you started. Keep in mind, though, that an experienced professional will maximize results; don't get scared off by prices, because SEO service can be inexpensive if you find the right person to do it for you.

Websites should be attractive and alluring, so it's best to hire someone that knows what they are doing when you are selling a product. It takes time for the individuals website to catch on so be patient. Word of mouth is also very good. Email all your friends and have them email their other friends. Keep plugging at improving your website and try to get some professional help with it.
Joining a webring is an excellent way to draw traffic to your site. There are webrings for just about any subject or you can always start your own. And the best thing about this is that joining a webring is free. See the links to the right.
And consider link exchanges - contact your favorite sites' webmasters and ask to exchange links with them and always keep an eye open for sites that let you add your own link.
Use your website and its logo, if you have one, in lieu of a signature on your e-mail. Many message boards and forums will allow you to show a link to your homepage or use a banner/logo in your sigs or posts.
Make sure you put your URL on your business cards and stationary, too.
For more ideas, check out some of the many, many sites out there with resources for webmasters.
Install promotion pro or any suitable software to promote your website to search engines a registered software may register you to more than 50 search engines.

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Jul 14th 2010 at 1:02 PM by Siamak
WOW, you can get a special award for this explanation. Thanks (i mean if it is not copy/past). That was very thorough and informative. Thanks, Mr Jansen
Jul 12th 2010 at 2:49 PM by edcabrera
These are great suggestions, very helpful. I still need to complete my blog so I can apply your suggestions. Thanks

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