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How can we win this Internet War

Jul 18th 2011 at 3:35 PM

Well how can we win? i mean all we want to do is join a program that we can promote.

But that is the big question, where can we promote our Business, i expect like me you have tried them all, click and ting,Social Networks,Host Gator, Add site's of which there are many,Blog your Business, Blog Your Socks Off, or you spend hours sending out your link to the last set of Leads that you bought. You joined that free add program to find out it won't work till you upgrade.Upgrading is fine if you get this information up front.

So here i am not going to go on about what is not working for you but to tell you what i have found that works for me.

When i started Interneting all though's years past, in the days when only the Webmasters had us by the throat and telling us how good they were.but at that time there were not many people that could build a program but the ones that did made all the money from us people who thought this would be easy. But i suppose in some ways it was.

I would mail their written word to anyone with an e-mail address and it takes years of learning and making mistakes to find what worked for me.But i would get moderate success with my e-mails, but today people change their mailer like they change their socks and with all this spam your e-mail today will  be lost in a sea of chatter.

OK the point i am making, i was introduced to a new Viral E Mail Provider, Viral Inbox, on checking out some reviews of this program it looked very good, so i dived in and bought a years membership, i thought this would be a long enough test of this program. I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT! i don't mind paying for stuff that works, but how do we know if it works well we test it! sometimes?

Well i had results in the first week, some adds work better than others and i can track them all to see which ads are being visited.

So why is this E-Mail provider different, well they will let you mail 2,000 of their members everyday,that is a one click send off and if only 1% acted on my advertising it would be well worth it,and believe me they did and more. And i am not the only member here that has joined VIB and we are glad we did.

The best information you can get is from an ordinary joe like me that has found something that works,and not just someting that might work if you get enough people to join. VIB has it's members and the membership is growing daily so sod the rest of them and get stuck into a winning idea for your Business Expansion. And good luck to us all.

But Viral Inbox does not stop their, you know all the anoying ads you see on say Yahoo, well all the ads on Viral are from it's members, yes you can advertise on the Mail Box. Another good point is that VIB is spam free,so it's nice and quiet you can get on with your work, but before i fill this page with the reasons why you should join and everything that the program will give you, the bottom line is, do you need something that works so if you do join VIB for free, push through the advertising and give it a go, and when you do drop me a mail i will be pleased to here from you.

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Nov 7th 2013 at 4:08 AM by marty
thx for sharing

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