How Can People with Bad Credit Apply for Car Loan in South Africa?

Jun 30th 2014 at 10:15 PM

Bad credit can affect your financial status to a very large extent—dragging you further down as you struggle to find loan providers that will grant your loan application despite your less than stellar credit history. While it may be extra challenging to get a car loan—or any other type of loan—while your credit record shows a less than favorable rating or while you are blacklisted, it is not entirely impossible to get the loan approval you need and desire. The only downside is that your loans might come with higher interest rates and other fees. Why? Because loan providers see bad credit as high-risk. Just the same, with the right approach to the loan application and with the help of the right professionals who can assist you with your personal finance decisions and in finding the right loan providers to fund your loan, you can get that loan deal that you have been eyeing and even have the ability to rebuild your tainted credit status.

The opportunity to rebuild your credit score is, in fact, one of the main advantages of having a bad credit. While it may be more ideal not to retain a bad credit score in the first place, it is sometimes inevitable, especially with the ever-rising living costs and stagnant income that most people struggle with. The good news is this: You are certainly not alone in your financial dilemma, and like many others, you can get out of that hole.

Having a bad credit rating may affect the interest rates you receive on loans, from car loans to mortgages, and credit cards. Worse yet, credit providers are often unwilling to shell out money for people with poor credit history, making it even harder to fund your needs.

With the right approach to acquiring the loan, you can get approved and even maintain reasonably fair rates on your car loan. Car lenders are often willing to take a chance on people with bad credit applications because they can secure the loan through the vehicle. This means that when the borrower defaults on his/her car loan payment, the lender can simply take the car back by repossessing it.

Look for a reliable car financial service company that can provide you with the best advice on how to acquire loans despite your bad credit. These companies will also assist you throughout your application process, in order to find the best solution to your financial troubles. Financial experts can guide you through all the necessary and the available channels that you can use to obtain a good loan even if you are blacklisted or have a really bad credit rating.

While having a bad credit rating can mean higher interest rates with car loans, it should also be seen as an opportunity to improve your credit score. You can do so by paying your monthly dues on time and with the right amount. Preventing delinquencies may also cause your car loan provider to lower your interest rates.

Even people who have recently gone through bankruptcy can still obtain a reasonable auto loan. Opening new credit accounts can be a good first step in re-establishing your credit rating and burying your bankruptcy history with good payment history on these credit accounts. This creates a more favorable financial packaging for your credit report when you decide to apply for a new credit, car, home, or even a business loan after suffering a really bad credit streak. Do not be discouraged by high interest rates that come with car loans after your credit slips. Find a good financial advice company that can help you un-complicate the loan application process and assist you as you get back on your feet, financially.

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