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How An Energy Consulting Company Can Help You Increase Energy Efficiency

Apr 2nd 2015 at 9:08 AM

Today’s businesses have no choice other than to take an energy-efficient approach to how their facilities and operations are structured and managed. Not only has energy become a limited resource, it is also a large portion of the overall spending budget of most businesses. For businesses that have no idea of how to reduce their energy use and costs, energy consulting companies like can provide custom management programs to simplify the process. Having a professionally designed energy management program can save you time and money while also helping you meet any regulations that pertain to your particular business.

Reasons to Save Energy

Although saving energy may just seem like “the right thing to do” or one of the most recent fads for big businesses to follow, there are a number of reasons that it makes sense. These are some of the most important reasons that drive businesses to hire energy consulting companies:

1.    Money – Supply and demand naturally drives cost up whenever there is less of something available than what is wanted or needed. Businesses have seen all types of energy grow more expensive over the past several years, leading to higher energy bills that take away from other areas of their business needs. Since many businesses operate on such a large scale, even a minor increase in energy costs can have a tremendous impact on their overall costs. Many of these businesses find that after they hire energy consulting companies to reduce energy use, they end up spending a lot less each month. The money saved can be sent in a different direction to improve their operation.

2.    Comfort – To many people, the idea of “going green” seems like a way of sacrificing comfort instead of increasing it. When you consider that things like stopping air from escaping out of the building or untreated air making its way inside are part of making a building energy-efficient, it’s easier to see how you could end up working in a more comfortable environment that is conducive to a happier, more productive work environment. The addition of energy-efficient light bulbs that require changing much less often can also make the environment more comfortable.

3.    The Environment – The fact that the environment is suffering at our hands is growing less arguable all the time. Making the switch to sustainable materials and reducing waste are just some of the ways that we can be a part of the solution instead of contributing to the problem. Using less energy is also better for the environment. Thanks to new technology and energy-saving policies, businesses are already saving a lot of energy. The job of energy consulting companies is to implement that technology into your business and guide you in how to manage it to make energy-efficiency virtually effortless.

4.    Reduces the Need for Imports – When your business uses less fuel, it helps prevent the need to import fossil fuels from other countries. It also contributes to the energy independence of the country; a goal that we have been striving for in recent years with considerable success. In addition to improving the security of the country through a reduction in imports, we also save fuels so they will be available for future generations.

5.    Contributing to a Better Economy–Individuals and businesses are not the only ones who save money by reducing energy use. It also saves the government and its citizens billions each year by reducing the need to pay for energy. At the same time, the recommendations made by energy consulting companies and other professionals to alter building construction and existing infrastructure helps to create jobs.

- Some energy consulting companies start by completing a SWOT assessment. This acronym stands for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats” and it can be used in a number of areas within the business or for a specific project. When used in the energy management planning system, it provides the company with the information they need to determine where changes need to be made.

- Once the data has been collected from the SWOT assessment, the company will analyze it to make their final conclusions about the ways everyone within the business and the business as a whole are using energy inefficiently. They will speak with senior management about their finding.

- Using all of their collected data and analysis, they will develop a strategy that will encompass the entire organization. A comprehensive plan will include the necessary addition of or changes to an existing policy about energy use. It will also include a structured framework that management will follow.

- To solidify the plan, all possible options will be identified and priorities set to ensure a solid energy management plan.

- Once the previous steps are completed, the plan will be set and ready to implement. The managers will play an integral role in implementing and following the plan closely across the board.

- An energy measuring system will also need to be put into place to determine how much energy is being used and whether the plan is working effectively. Areas where energy is being wasted can be identified and the plan can be optimized for maximum efficiency.

While all energy consulting companies may not follow this same procedure to develop a plan for your business, it is the most thorough and efficient way of determining the custom steps that will be right for you.

Regardless of their primary reason for hiring energy consulting companies, businesses of all sizes have a lot to gain by reducing the amount of energy they use. In addition to the top 5 reasons listed above, becoming more energy-efficient can also help you build a more positive brand. Consumers appreciate the efforts made by businesses to help the economy and they prefer them over the competition much of the time. All of the services provided by energy consulting companies can help you create a more comfortable work environment, improve your reputation, and create a healthier bottom line.

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