How A Fresh Website Development Can Speed Up Your Website

Feb 20th 2015 at 9:35 PM

Website development is a huge area of opportunities for both developers and business owners. A lot of times the business owners think that there is no need to get a new website developed to replace the old ones. The sales and marketing people of these web design companies are also not aware or they cannot elaborate these benefits of getting a new website.


Get the Latest Technologies

The latest technologies like HTML5 make a beautiful use of cache, so the regular users of your website do not download most of the contents every time they log in to your website. There are many other features of the latest technologies that boost up the loading time and the response rate of the website.

Scale Down the Image Size

The latest compression techniques used by the web developers enables them to compress the images to a tenth of their file size while retaining most of the details. These techniques have enabled the web developers to make much faster loading websites. Images are one of the largest sizes that load when you open a website. The latest

techniques also enable you to load most of these from system cache. This reduces the loading time of the website for the regular users’ manifolds satisfying the most important customers, the regular visitors.


Mobile Compatibility


A large number of users use your websites on their mobiles and tablets, these websites need to have a different behaviour on different platforms, sizes and the processing capacities of the users. The image size and the dimensions on the mobile are much smaller than the PC users, so there is a need to have a website development using latest technology that ensures high quality responsive layouts.


Reducing Script Complexities


With the latest developments in the web development technologies a large number of latest scripts with much lesser complexities and a much better response rates have enabled the web developers to give the same effect at a much lesser load. The latest HTML5 website can have the same look as a FLASH website, with size almost 10 times lesser than its flash version. The achievements like these have placed the latest technologies way ahead of their earlier versions.


Reducing the Number of Images


CSS Sprites combines images together to form a single image. This has a huge impact on the loading time of the website. Instead of loading a large number of images, the website will load just a few images. There is a huge impact of these reductions.


User Safety


The latest technologies are less prone to injections and attacks, making your website safe against hacks and other malicious attacks. There is a huge impact of such attacks on the loading time and website performance. By getting the latest development, one can easily resolve these issues.

There are a large number of web development companies across the globe, one need to understand the importance of these development techniques. To learn the features and technologies of web development you can look for video presentations. You can also search and contact Perth web design for any other queries.

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