Home Business Marketing - Are You Disguising Your Opportunity?

Feb 12th 2011 at 11:35 PM

Before I begin I just want to say to all of my readers; I know I have been away for a while because I've had writer's block! seriously I just wanted to scream when I couldn't get anything out of this noggin. (This has been a public service announcement......Thank You Lol)

It's time to get serious

I want to address this issue because I keep seeing the same thing over and over on a lot of websites. I can date this issue back to the early days even before I went to college and was looking for a part time job. No one is blind here and can see that the economy has taking a turn for the worst over the past few years; right now no one is immune to losing their jobs and many HAVE lost their jobs and have been unemployed ever since. Which brings us to the current topic at hand with mounds of individuals disguising their opportunities as jobs on job hunting websites. There are probably millions of people job hunting all over the internet day in and day out with no such luck. So I want to say this, that putting those "job listings" on all of those job sites are doing nothing but p*ssing people off trust me.

Finding a job is hard enough on people because the jobs are out there its just that most people fit in either one or two categories, underqualified or overqualified. They don't need to be looking for a job and finding your fake ads because it gives them temporary hope only to be smashed later and setting them off. I have seen people get very creative over the last year or so with their lisitngs, stating that its an entry level job, little or no experience is required, training will be provided, and even list wages such as $13-$17.00hr and so on. They bust their hump to make it look so real that you think you've found the perfect job, respond to the job with your resume only to receive an email inviting you to a presentation about a home business. No matter how many respond to your charade they will never be qualified leads who will join your downline, they want a JOB, NOT a BUSINESS, so they will always tell you no.

Real home business leads are targeted, not with misleading advertisement, but with whole hearted honesty aiming at the right people. Continuing this practice will only result in your failure and frustration until one day you just might quit your income opportunity and start bashing the industry as a whole when its not the industry's fault. If you have goals and a dream then you can definitely make it with the right skills and training from people who have no hidden agendas and genuinely CARE about YOU. Disguising your opportunity as a job is a scam to me and should be stopped the moment you realize that you are making the same mistake. Look, don't feel bad or ashamed because I made the very same mistake as well and I'm going to tell you how I made that mistake.

A year ago I joined this discounted membership home business and I began training right away. They told me to write at least 10-15 different "job" ads and go on craigslist into different cities and post the different ads particularly in the customer service and administrative/clerical sections every week. the reason for the many different ad copies was so that I could fool craigslist to keep my ads up without them knowing it was me posting biz opps from the same computer to different cities. Well they found out anyway and they would not let me post anything and if it did went through it was taken down 15 minutes later. Don't get me wrong, my inbox was flooded with resumes BUT once they received my email with the presentation, they flagged and reported my posts and not one of them signed up. So where did it get me? NOWHERE! thanks upline.

See! I made the same mistake but I learned from it and I stopped doing it a long time ago. Like I said you need the proper skills and training to get where you want to be, for every door that closes, a window of opportunity is always open. Take this window of opportunity and get the REAL training and skills you deserve to make it to the top click here

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Feb 13th 2011 at 2:36 PM by wendellbulbaai
Thanks Ciara for this well written and informative article. Most of us marketers struggle and make mistakes before we find the right way to do things.Misleading people is never a way to gain long term success. thanks very much.
Feb 13th 2011 at 1:07 PM by AbdeelMarketing
I was in that group who was out fo work for about 9 months straight. I saw a lot of what you mention here. Even on the reputable job boards, like careerbuilder and monster. One of the most prevalent ones was a posting for survey takers. I saw that one every single day. the classified sites were even worse. I got good at spotting them. These tactics will never work, at least not in the long term. You may get a few poor souls to fall for it, but who wants to take advantage of people that way? Besides, if you do join this program, you are going to have to be doing the same thing. Integrity goes right out the window at that point.
Feb 13th 2011 at 11:40 AM by CiaraM
Thank you very much for your comment, you this is all coming from personal experience. Sometimes I help people find a job by job hunting on the net for them, and it frustrates me when I see these "Job Posts". It just makes my and so many other people's work that much harder to find a legitimate job.
Feb 13th 2011 at 8:33 AM by TerriLPattioMLMmento
Bravo this is an excellent article, you have hit the nail on the head. People all over are having this very problem you talk about. They get scammed out of their money because they lack the education, skills and training they need. They should get it because it's the only way to be successful in life and business. Thank you for writing such a wonderful article to share with everyone here on IMFP.

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