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Holiday Marketing

Oct 5th 2010 at 9:18 AM

Why develop a marketing campaign just for the Thanksgiving to New Year period? It's simple. From now until January 1, the "buyer mentality" prevails. Buyers are ready to make purchases at any time, not just while shopping. Many businesses make as much as 50% of their revenues during this period . Study these marketing strategies and adapt them to your business. Below are my top 5 strategies. 1. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FOR EVERY BUDGET To maximize revenues, smart retailers develop gift ideas to fit every budget -- for example, Gifts Under $10, Under $50, Over $200, etc. How can you develop products or services to fit every budget in your business? 2. HOLIDAY PACKAGES Holiday packages are the HOT sellers right now! Why? Because they take the "thinking" out of buying. For example, pre-package gifts of soaps, body lotion and bath salts. How can you take the "thinking" out of buying your goods or services? How can you "pre-package" multiple items to make it easy for your customers? 3. BUNDLED PRODUCTS OR SERVICES Rather than sell single items, offer "theme" combos. For example, a holiday "wellness" gift package, including a massage, a facial and health products. Or a "tax savings" combo, including a book, tax software and a one hour consultation. How can you bundle complementary products and services to create a "theme" offering? 4. VOLUME DISCOUNTS Make your business the one-stop shop during the holidays and beyond. Give customers an incentive to purchase multiple products and services. For example, give 25% off for orders over $100, 30% off for orders over $200, etc. How can you capitalize on volume discounts to easily increase sales?

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Oct 12th 2010 at 8:07 PM by bjfoot
I love the Holidays, but I keep saying it's October... I know, I know, but I've got Santa going on everywhere... You are absolutely right about the buyers mentality and the article is wonderful. I've just got to ease into Merry Xmas in October... Warmest Regards! Brenda

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