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Stainless steel - making materials
Due to the different uses of each product, the processing of raw materials and quality requirements are also different. Generally different stainless steel products, its raw material requirements also vary thickness tolerances, like second-class tableware and mug etc., thickness tolerances generally higher, -3 to 5%, and a thickness tolerance tableware General requirements - 5% -10% steel such requests, hotels with a freezer timber thickness tolerance requirements -8%, dealers thickness tolerance requirements generally between 4% to 6%. At the same time export products will lead to different customers in different raw materials thickness tolerances required. Generally higher export products customer thickness tolerances, while domestic enterprises thickness tolerance requirements are relatively low (mostly because of cost considerations), some customers even ask -15%.304 stainless steel wire suppliers

①DDQ (deep drawing quality) material: refers to a material for deep drawing (red) uses, is it said, the soft material, the main characteristics of this material is higher elongation (≧ 53%), compared with the hardness low (≦ 170%), internal grain grading between 7.0 to 8.0, excellent deep drawability. Many production thermos pot class enterprises, processing their products generally are higher than (BLANKING SIZE / products in diameter), which processed more than 3.0,1.96,2.13,1.98 respectively. SUS304DDQ timber is mainly used for processing these requests higher than the product, of course, working ratio of more than 2.0 products are generally subject to a few times a stretch to complete. If the extension of terms of raw materials can not reach it, deep drawing products in processing products easy to crack, pull wear phenomenon, affecting the rate of qualified products, of course, will increase the cost of manufacturers;Aluminum Suppliers near me

② general material: mainly used for external purposes in addition to DDQ materials, the characteristics of this material is relatively low elongation (≧ 45%), and relatively high hardness (≦ 180HB), internal grain grade of 8.0 to 9.0 rooms, compared with DDQ timber, it is relatively deep drawability somewhat less, it is mainly used in the products can be obtained without thrust, like a class tableware spoon, spoons, forks, electrical appliances, steel uses. But it is compared with DDQ material has an advantage BQ is relatively good, mainly due to the slightly higher because of its hardness.Cheap stainless steel sheets

historical reasons

Sep 2nd 2015 at 6:19 PM

Due to historical reasons, the domestic brands to consumers feel there is no grades, no taste, is a "cheap" synonymous with the goods. In fact, I believe that nothing wrong, indeed WPC Floor Supplier made in China in the past has brought many negative consequences to affect consumers, especially in terms of quality and service performance, it is unable to communicate with foreign brands comparable. According to the analysis of marketing professionals consumer psychology level, mainly to show off their love, the comparisons of the strong, like friends, relatives and in front of colleagues, students and the performance of your own thoughts. Behave like this if wrong?

Then again, the wise see wisdom, eyes of the beholder. In fact, China has thousands of years of cultural history is precipitated ancient past is at war and politics, politics and war, and in this environment to grow out of the consumer culture, the environment will be a question and wpc decking plank scruples, especially manifested in After the economic reform and opening up China by the impact of Western culture, in this regard was the most obvious, which is why the domestic brand of Chinese consumers the impression that a true reflection of bad past. Cabinet came to the country before the end of the eighties China has no concept of the cabinet, only some rudimentary kitchen facilities.

With the emergence of a wide range of applications and stainless steel products, artificial stone, and began operating a dedicated single kitchen cabinets, stainless steel stamping welded countertops, cabinet is not removable hard-wired, so pool cabinets, stove cabinets, storage conditioning cabinets, wall cabinets, etc. is placed in the mall sell individually, without design is simple to install. By 1994, the rise of furniture, furniture hardware universal application, import HPL kitchen furniture began to be used, there has been composite fence panel Canada a simple combination of the overall table and kitchen cabinets, but due to the size limitations affect the process design of the cabinet, until the emergence of artificial stone it laid the foundation for the whole cabinet, features its arbitrary shape and seamless design makes kitchen cabinets play to the extreme, plus kitchen electrification, the whole cabinet before entering the lives of ordinary people.

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