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High temperature increases the risk of usaqsalma

Jan 17th 2014 at 4:13 AM

Op Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology . Dr. . Gave information about the results of the high temperature trends in forensic pregnancy Fest .
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" The normal body temperature is between 36-37 degrees . , 37 degrees , while temperatures are considered . Temperature elevation of body resistance and struggle against any process . Pregnant and non- pregnant women, normal body temperature is the same . , The only difference is the cause of high hormone levels and body muqavimətindəki downfall . pregnant women and the effects of the emergence of a high temperature to make it easier to pay attention to the very serious need. "

Explaining the reasons for the high temperature during pregnancy Fest , " High temperatures are divided into two groups . Firstly, due to the infection caused by the high temperature . Pregnancy, the most common infections , flu infections , upper respiratory tract infections and urinary tract infections. Secondly, the causes of infection and the resulting higher temperatures . prolonged exposure to high temperatures in this group ( bath , sauna , day to hit ) , allergic reactions and food poisoning can be considered . " - As announced .

About the harmful effects of high temperature during pregnancy Fest , " which pregnancy occurs, the temperature cycle , temperature , and altitude rate is very important to pay attention to . Many of the harmful effects of a high temperature of 39 degrees when it presents itself. Most dangerous in the first three months of pregnancy , and most of the high- temperature damage to the period. doldə bodies occurred in this period is more than the negative effects of temperature . principal adverse effects , increased risk of miscarriage , basgəlisi anomalies heart valve anomalies , arm and leg abnormalities and mental retardation " - he said .

It's about the negative effects of the treatment and prevention methods Fest , offered the following : - " high- temperature treatment during pregnancy with the goal of reducing its temperature to eliminate factors that cause . Temperature to reduce the warm showers and cold temperatures kompreslər -lowering drugs and paracetamol groups can be made . temperature, causing the infection to eliminate them for qaldrmaq eliminate external factors , ie, away from hot environments , an allergic food is not accepted .

Protection measures to avoid the risk of infection in pregnant women is very important at the beginning . Balanced nutrition of pregnant women in order to increase the resistance of the body , is extremely important to use a multivitamin when needed . Pregnant women as well as a warm bath , a sauna , a hot shower, wash basin and to refrain from such environments and the need to avoid the sun too . On hot days , drink lots of water , pregnant women and the environment . " For Additional Info Visit Our Website:

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