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Hey, what about the Mail man?!

Aug 16th 2010 at 5:54 PM


 Yeah, what about him? And those cashiers of the supermarket you shop from? You think they're happy doing it, they feel they were born for it? Ridiculous. You waste most of your online time surfing on 3:1 TE's, desperately trying to find more souls that didn't do their math. Well, most didn't...but anyway, it's too much wasted time. You could be setting up your own website, even if you don't get your own domain. Do a blog, whatever, just find a place where you can categorize and dump all your affiliate links. All your links under one "roof". Got it? Great, now lets think offline.

 Don't ever assume that everyone that wants to make money online is actually online.

 How do you reach the Mail man or the check-outs peeps? They probably wouldn't discard making money online, would they? You didn't, that's why you're here. You can go the entrance of the Post Office or the supermarket and start random conversations with random people, tell them how you make money online and have the cops on your tail because someone called them, thinking you were scamming people. You'll spend the whole day there and instead of earning, you'll be spending money...on water, too much talking. And there will be the ones that'll ask you "So if you make hundreds a day, WTF are you doing here?!"...just like in the online world "So if you make millions a month, why you sell your scheme? Is it because if i don't buy, you don't eat?". Dogs that bark never bite.

 What if you make some business cards, write some lame mumbo-jumbo about how they can make millions overnight (as people tend to stupidly use), put your "roof" link on it and let the people that look at the card, and are really interested in it, be your referrals?

 Might work, so now you just need to find an "image editing program" and print your cards!  Or...

 I'm all up for free...even when free isn't free. There's a company offering 250 cards for free, all we pay is shipping. When you hand them over, those cards, even if they're not "used" immediately, they'll be kept better than an e-mail.

 The cards can be left on shops, supermarkets, local charities (i can guarantee you people join to make money to donate it later to their charities) get the picture. You can also get drunk and do a run through your neighbourhood, at 4 am, leaving a card on each mail box.

 Start thinking outside the box, my friend. Market is getting saturated.


"He who sees obstacles has taken his eyes off the goal"


 Here's the link.

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Aug 26th 2010 at 4:34 AM by JohnnyKid
Cheers for stopping by and add up some more precious ideas, Patti!
Aug 25th 2010 at 6:50 AM by PattiShaw
Thanks for the marketing tips Johnny... can also print out some flyers and hang them in laundry mats, doctors offices, reception areas... anywhere people have to wait they generally pick up something to read.

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