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Hey, Are You Looking...?

Sep 28th 2010 at 4:12 PM

What kind of question is that? Who is not ever looking? Looking for a lost love, looking for a better life, looking for someone to offer them a decent solution and the how-to directions to be effective.

Have you recently heard that question from someone who approached you?  Internally,you answered "Yes!!" to first part of the question (at the pause).  That happened automatically because subconsciously, you ARE LOOKING.. for a solution to better your present income solution.  And you were looking for someone bringing that solution with possibly the easy to follow how-to effectively implement the solution. That "pause" actually lasted less than 10 seconds, even though your conscious mind did not count.  However, your conscious mind regained control when the next parts of the question arrived for emotional/analytical processing (actually more emotional than analysis)..."to increase your monthly income by $200, $500, $1000 or more?"

Simultaneously, your conscious mind said "WHAT...?" and then that one-word question rolled across your tongue and out of your mouth.  The question in its entirety is repeated to you again for clarity.  Now your conscious mind attempts a coup (complete take over of your rational process) with emotional bombardment.  Sound familiar?  "SCAM!, NO! we don't want to make extra income that way"; "What can I say to get rid of THIS person?"  In the meanwhile, the questioner had begun to provide you a glimpse of the income solution that would work for you and your family.  Again, awash with emotional "fight or flight" your ask, "Could you say that again?"  The second question was "What if I could show you the way to continually increase your income part time which would later continue paying you for work done years ago, would you be interested in heaing how to do that?"  It is about here that your subconscious provides an answer to your conscious mind... "YES! This is what we have been looking for!"  The presenter of this income solution will be briefly taken aback from your, "Yes, what is it? Gimme some more information" response.  Here you will have to be patient.  Very Patient.  After all, in reality, you only need $200 extra to pay bills and put a little in a rainy-day fund.  And these days it seems to be raining every day during the last week of the month.  "Yes, all I want is a bit of sunshine during the last week of the month", you thought, "so having to hear their story of struggling before receiving this income solution?...won't BOTHER me one bit".

Recommendation?  Let them speak, do listen, there is something in their story you will connect with.  Remember your story later will have its uniqueness when you step up to a friend, family member, or (then) stranger introduce yourself with a smile, and utter these LIFE CHANGING words, "Hey, are you looking...?"

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This is one of the income solutions we saw that is changing our lives, and this is another lifetime income solution that is also making a difference in our lives.  So..."Hey, are you looking...?"

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Apr 23rd 2011 at 6:27 PM by TimRR
very good
Mar 21st 2011 at 10:50 AM by GTBulmer
Hello, Sylvester: Yes, we are all looking ... for something! But are we looking in the right places? Thanks for sharing your point of view and your recommendations. GT :-)
Jan 17th 2011 at 10:48 PM by myprofitrocket
Thanks, Sylvester for this article! We are all looking, right? or none of us would be here now! It is true that not every program fits every person...but I feel there is something that will help any person, if they are just willing to first look for it, then see it... Take care! Lisa
Sep 28th 2010 at 4:14 PM by coshawfamily
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