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Hemp And Marijuana Friendly Internet Biz Opps Are On The Rise for 2011

Jan 20th 2011 at 8:42 PM


As Marijuana movement organizations step up the heat and vow to have 12 more medical marijuana states by 2012 and VoteHempNow.Com is vowing with its hundreds of thousands of supporters to make Hemp Farming in the U.S. legal by 2012 too, this year, 2011, promises already to be an fast paced year, atleast in the mass consciousness, and this rise has even carried over to online businesses.

I have been a Hemp Activist blogger for 3 years and I'm passionate about the cause.  While our farmers are starving, we still have an arcane law that doesn't allow our US farmers to plant and farm non drug, Hemp, now a multi-million industry and therefore we are importing nearly $100 million per year in Canadian and European Hemp.  In a time of crisis, the words of our former president in crisis Thomas Jefferson when he urged that Hemp should be grown everywhere in the U.S. can be heard.  Plant Hemp Everywhere! Evevn as early as 1943 The U.S. Govt was asking American Farmers to plant Hemp, and then when the war was over, we forced those same farmers to burn their fields and we no longer allowed hemp farming!

I am happy to see the pre-launch of The Hemp Network, Intl. that began in the fall of 2010 and is now set to have 13 Hemp Friendly wellness products within the next few weeks and they say atleast 120 products by mid-summer. They've just launched a Hemp Discovery site where Hemp Network members feature even their own hemp made crafts and products.  Sign up for The Hemp Network is free during pre-launch. The $9/mo fee for your marketing site is a bargain and well worth the price.

Just a few days ago I got a marketing email that introduced a new Forever Green Company called, "Versativa" which is also a hemp focused marketing company.  With just a few products it's hard to tell what's in store down the line but FG has been marketing for over 14 years so I suspect they're prepared and positioned to ride the Hemp Wave to the top as well.

A new Marijuana friendly traffic exchange has just launched where you can promote any of your biz opps, surf for credits and help support marijuana education while you also earn $ as an affiliate.  I think it's a brillian idea so I had to join MarijuanaHits.Com and I've already signed up a lot of marijuana friendly networkers, confirming my theory that Marijuana and Hemp are going to be the future as we try to utilize god-given, precious resources that are eco-friendly and health affirming in our search for medicine, food, fuel and fiber, and of course, commerce.

May 2-8, 2011 is Hemp Awareness Week.  Please Check Their Fanpage on Facebook for more information about how you can become involved this year. There is even a contest for schools that particpate that involves national recognition. I plan on talking to my son's art school about it next week.

If you pay attention, you'll notice that the attitude towards both marijuana and hemp are changing, if you have an online marketing biz, I suggest you give a second look at the changing culture.

The Medical Marijuana debate is a huge passion of mine as well, in part, because I have a critical disease, MS, that causes severe spasticity and pain, incuding for me, chronic migraines.  I moved to LA last year and was so happy to be treated like a respected citizen as a qualified medical marijuana patient and now that I'm back in Tennessee, I'm determined to assist in bringing the first compassionate act medical marijuana laws to the South.  Currently, no Southern States have compassionate act medical marijuana laws.  There is talk of Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina joining one of the new 12 states in 2012.  I have formed my own grassroots organization and we're really in need of donations.  If you can assist, please visit The Southern Alliance For Medical Marijuana and Join our Facebook fan page.

Please Consider following my HempAmerica blog to stay up to date on current hemp trends and news.

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