Help........ You need It, But Refuse To Accept It

Feb 27th 2011 at 5:24 PM

Hey my readers,

This piece is sort of on the whim, I did not write this on paper or anything of the sort. I just wanted to speak from the heart and from whats on my mind. There will be no funny ha-ha's in this article, because it is on a semi-serious personal / HBB level.

Help............. If I offered it to you would you accept it? even though you do not know me and I do not know you. Most people would probably say no, why? because they believe their fantasy bubble that everything is ok when it is not. Now lets relate this to our home based businesses, everyone who is new to this concept is sort of excluded because when they first join the opportunity they know they need help. Newbies will probably call you at least 2-3 times a day and probably email you just as many times because they want the help, they want this exciting opportunity to work. Now were onto the intermediate players in the game, the ones that have been in a few companies and have a pretty good idea of how everything works. If they were having a hard time talking to people, giving presentations, getting customers, or other things like that would they ask for help? some do but not a lot, is it wrong to seek outside help? not necessarily.

Sometimes you are instructed to do certain things in order to achieve success but what if you were taught the wrong things, would your failure be your fault? what if you tried everything your sponsor told you to do but you're still lacking success, would you seek other help? most wouldn't. Most people think seeking outside help from another source other than what the company provided would be like stabbing the company in the back, but as long as you become successful it shouldn't matter. So there is nothing wrong with accepting outside help when you need it the most, and besides if you are doing everything they ask of you and you are still not successful, something may be wrong with their material or method of teaching so the problem is not you. I remember when I joined a very well known cosmetic HBB and there was very little training at all, my sponsor would just tell me to get out there and sell and would hold a "meeting" in a facility and turn on a cd in a boombox that we had to listen to for an hour while she attended to her clients.

So I've been there, some will throw you to the pack of wolves and tell you to sell sell sell but thats not how it works. You need the proper training by a real mentor who will tell you the truth when you need to hear it, take you by the hand and guide you through the process of trying to make it in the HBB world and be your friend at the same time. How many people can honestly say they have that in a mentor, honestly.... look for the help if you know you are going nowhere and you are frustrated. There are soooo many people out here who are trying to climb the ladder of success but its just not happening so they walk around like everything is ok knowing that they are not making a dime and telling themselves that its coming. I was in the same position, I was with a company for almost a year, spent over $1000.00 in fees and advertising and never made a dime and yet I was trying to fake it till I made it thinking it would attract people to me or my business but I was digging myself into a hole.

Well that all changed when I sought outside help on the internet for a good price, but I found something better. I found a wonderful group of people that offer to help you for FREE, which is what I needed since I was just about financially tapped out. She promised that she would help me evaluate my company, my P&P'S, and be there until I saw my first check. Well when I evaluated my company I found out a few not so good things and I decided it was not for me and found another one that lived up to quality standards, and I've been working with her for some months and guess what? she helped me receive my first check and then another one. I am finally on the right track and I owe it all to her, and I look forward to making those big checks that we all dream of. I want to offer the same assistance to anyone who is looking for extra help, I would love to be there and help you and become friends along the way.


Sorry for making this piece so long, I honestly didn't think I would but thats my heart for you Lol. No one has to know you sought my help just send me a private message or email me at (I Loooooove strawberries Lol)

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