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Heh Wait a Minute.......I thought it was 'Their' Fault!

Jun 2nd 2011 at 1:53 PM


Heh, wait a minute! Those guys keep telling us it really isn't our fault and all but Really, it IS.  At least to some degree it certainly is.  You have to wonder just how confusing this all must be for the new people looking for home business or work from home opportunities.

One group tells you it is NOT your fault!  They lied to you and they scammed you more than once and sold you bogus software and outdated ebooks.  It is for sure not your fault!

Then you have a newer group..........thinking outside the box and they are telling you YES it is Your fault.  Take responsibility for your actions!  No one MADE U join or buy these products did they?

Things are pretty tuff out there.  All those glitzy, cleverly-designed websites you look at every day, with their over the top illustrations of massive mansions, super-cars, piles of cash, tropical beaches and happy, smiling families, the massively over-hyped offers to cure every one of your financial ills in no time at all and fulfill your dreams in record time..........( you actually do know they're not real, don't you? ) They're just insubstantial fluff, with no true value.  So, the question is How do U kill the urge to join one or more of these?

It is difficult.  Some of your more seasoned marketers still fall prey to the nonsense!!  For those that are new and still learning most of this is bogus.  Just a bunch of fancy copywriting!  Very effective so heed the warnings.  So how then do you kill the urge?  You  need to put your blinders on and stay focused.  Once you really GET IT.....because now you  actually do know they're NOT real.   And You know that FREE is really not Free and they never do all the work for you!  You do know that don't you?  You know you will not make thousands over nite or in a week with a $5.00 investment.......Yes You DO! You really do know this.................

Once you really 'have gotten it' it is easier to spot them and much easier to weed through your in-box and all the emails with the next best thing and to stay focused as you view other sites in traffic exchanges for credits.  It does not matter if you are doing a home based MLM business, or other type of home business or even just a program that offers high returns on your $$ or you belong to a private gifting group.  It does not matter what it is.  You will save time and money and be in better control of your own destiny with just this one step.  Use Your Common Sense, Stay Focused and start listening to what those that have gone before you know.

A delicate balance exists so be sure you are 100% comfortable with your choice then GET and STAY FOCUSED!!  Be PATIENT but PERSISTENT.  BELIEVE and WORK IT DILIGENTLY. (Nothing happens without the 'work' part)   I know it's hard but if you have been 'jumping' or joining too many low cost programs in hope that one of them will work out you need to Stop.  For your own good.  Just because you see others doing this and they 'say' they are making money etc.etc. get out of that cycle.  It does not work out in the end!

I really like how Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser Camp says it in her new book. 
(Not a word for word quote here)

'New age platitudes aand sappy self-help mantras'  I mean really!!!  That is NOT how it works and we both know it.  You cannot overturn your life in a moment of positive thinking!   You can accomplish if you have the right attitude and skills and you take action  (in other words WORK) 

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts today.  If you have ever seriously wondered if any of this "online stuff" works, it does.  Not everyone is a liar or cheat.  You have a lot of choices that are good.  It really all comes down to your choices.

Merry C.

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