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" Hard to Trott "

Sep 2nd 2010 at 6:52 AM

There are many, many reasons why people have a hard time sponsoring and "This is one of the biggest." We’ve talked about the importance of tapping into people’s emotional wants, but let’stake

it even further than that.
When you are selling something, it doesn’t matter what, every person is going to have
reasons for wanting to buy that are essentially emotional. But, they are also usually going
to have strong pre-existing feelings about the subject at hand (meaning your product,
your opportunity, your industry, etc.). These feelings are going to be based on past
experiences they’ve already had with companies or products similar to yours… or things
they’ve heard from other people…or certain personal beliefs they have…or something
they read in a magazine the other day… or… you get the idea.
More often than not, these emotions are incredibly strong and you want to make sure you
tap into them (almost more so than any others—even their reasons for wanting to buy in
the first place).

Here’s a great example: Many times in an election, people will vote for a politician not
because they actually like them, but because they just despise the current person in office
so much. They really may not have any valid reasons at all for backing the challenger,
they may not even know a thing about them, but their disgust for the previous office
holder is so great that they would literally vote for anyone else.
See the difference?

Another example could be the health & wellness/medical industry. Sometimes a person
will look for alternative methods not necessarily because they really believe in them but
because the traditional medical establishment has let them down so many times and
they’re fed up with it. This emotional reason supersedes all the other ones.
It’s crucial to be “in tune” to these types of pre-existing emotions. Again, notice how they
tend to be negative ones.

Now can you venture a guess as to what some of the strongest feelings are that people
have about the "Network Marketing Industry?" I bet you can.
How about skepticism? Does that sound like one you’ve run into before?
Distrust? Maybe a lack of credibility and professionalism? Could it be that people find it
difficult to take us seriously? (And frankly, with the common behavior of the average
MLMer, why should they?).
Frustration’s another big one.

And seeing as how 14% of American adults have been involved with our industry at one
point or another, there’s a whole lot of people out there who have had their dreams
dashed and who got fed up with spinning their wheels, despite the fact that they were
pouring their heart and soul into their business.

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