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2 years ago

Hard Times Are Here! A Few How To's That Move Us Along

Sep 4th 2010 at 6:07 PM


People all over the world are experiencing hard times.  Businesses are failing every day, the unemployment rate is up and down like a yo-yo, and consumers have put a lock on their wallets and thrown away the key.  What do people do in these difficult times?  I decided to take a look at a few ideas, that if followed, will sustain us until a better economical environment evolves.


Make a Plan. Since most of us in "faceplate land" are internet marketers, my assumption is that you already have a plan!  This is the best time to take decisive action and work your plan. As most of you probably do,  I spend many hours daily:  molding and chiseling thought, learning new ideas, and implementing the ones I already know.  Nothing is above the "almighty axe."  As a former teacher, I see growth as the unfoldment and demonstration of ideas, and stagnation as repeating the same "old things" that are not working.  That which works, keep it!  That which doesn't, toss it!


Base Conduct on Business, Not Luck. Take advantage of whatever experience, knowledge, capital, contacts and leads available.  This does not mean that you "leap into" everything put in front of you, but after you research it, analyze it, and it seems like a sound program, don't be afraid to try it.  Fear debilitates.  Ideas come from a resourceful and clear mind.  Do what you need to do to climb out of "the valley of fear" and reach the "mountaintop of possibility."  Stop with the excuses!  It is hard to keep striving when efforts seem to go unrewarded, but failure at one task, is the long way to success in the accomplishment of another.  I speak from experience! Success comes from hard work, consistency and perseverance.   I am sure everyone of you knows this.  Sometimes it helps to heard it again.


Study successful people, and remove yourself from negative ones.


As an educator, I found this site one of interest:



Happy Hunting!


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Oct 12th 2010 at 9:15 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Mamie: Great post! Very good ideas and suggestions on how to successfully move along in hard times. I really appreciate your closing statement: "Study successful people, and remove yourself from negative ones." Awesome! :-)
Sep 8th 2010 at 9:17 PM by ecco1729
A cute little article. => Thumbs up!

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