Guidelines for a groomed and manly look

Jun 18th 2015 at 3:21 AM

The appearance of a man’s facial hair and bodily grooming has had quite varied significance through different periods in history, in different cultures and individually in different times in a man’s life. In past centuries, the appearance of a man’s facial hair had a strong connotation with regards to his profession, class, religion and personal dignity. These days however, the hair that a man decides to keep or groom is mostly up to personal preference. Men should nevertheless not kid themselves into thinking that it doesn’t matter what they look like. Grooming does leave an impression on other people. Your look and the impression you leave could either work for you, or it could work against you and make things unnecessarily difficult. Either way, how you look should be a conscious effort that you take pride in. Below are some guidelines to consider if you want to want to be a properly groomed man.

First of all, in order to do some good manly grooming, it is important to have the right grooming kit. You could buy a grooming kit at your local store, or you could search for a specific product, if you can’t find it at your local brick and mortar store. For example, if you live in Australia, simply make an internet search for beard balm Australia or moustache wax, to find that elusive product and have it shipped to you. Once you have your grooming kit, which should also include instruments such as tweezers, scissors and a good blade for a close shave, you should rest assured that you will be able to do any grooming that you need to take care of.

Taking care of the hair around the eyes can be quite useful in giving you a groomed look. Trimming overgrown eyebrows and paying special attention not to do too much but rather to keep hairs in their natural shape is important if you want to avoid a feminine look. Ideally, you should be going for a look that will frame your face and not leave you looking like you have permanently raised eyebrows. Depending on your taste and the shape of your face, sideburns can be groomed in several different ways, but ideally keeping your sideburns closely trimmed is the modern look to go for. When it comes to the beard, again, taste and the shape of your head are the two strongest determinants of how you should groom your facial hair. However you don’t want to look like a grizzly bear by taking an unkempt look too far. In most cases keeping a neat and closely trimmed goatee, if any hair at all, will keep you looking sharp and handsome. When it comes to hair in the private parts, depending on you and your partner’s preferences, you could decide to keep the hair. If you decide to do so, you can decide to keep a bush or a well-manicured lawn. Either way, you might need the product you purchased after making a search for beard balm Australia to ensure that your pubic hair is easily manageable and healthy.

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