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Mar 29th 2013 at 6:42 AM
Guest Blogs Is it a Good idea to have guest blogs on your website?? Let me explain my reasons for doing so. I'm creating a guest blog page to enable my readers to gain valuable knowledge from different experienced people. I want everyone to get the best possible content from experienced Bloggers/Marketers within our industry. I simply cannot spend all my time writing blog content for you to read, I enjoy my leisure time far too much. Sorry ;) Seriously, I'm inviting Blogs from people who I know have fantastic knowledge & experience to share with you. You may ask, Why I would want other people writing here that may take some of my readers to there own blogs?. I say great because you will benefit & can never gain too much knowledge. I'm doing this for your development & to help grow your business.I want you to gain the best possible knowledge every time visit http://iblog.at/mikerobertson/ ''It also gives the author a chance to share there work with new audiences and gain new followers'' You may be thinking, ''Why would I do that'? and ''What's in it for me'?Again, I'm very happy to tell you. If I help someone grow there business by publishing just one blog that's useful to them(from a guest writer or my own work)Will they only make ''Positive'' comments to other people about my site?Most DEFINITELY!! You want people talking about you and your work to gain credibility and popularity. It really is one of the great aspects of our business, more people that you help to be successful the more successful you will become. Suggestions for Guest Authors I have some great content lined up but If you have favourite writers/bloggers you wish to read please let me know. I'm not expecting Famous Experts to be banging on my door to write posts, not every week :).Although I'm sure I can tempt a few to share valuable knowledge & experiences with you. I also want to help promote & publish work from my readers, let's get you Noticed!! Could this be your chance to shine? Do you have what it takes to write a great blog? If you are passionate about a subject and want to get your work out to larger audiences then please don't be afraid to contact me Not looking for experienced writers, don't worry so much about spelling & grammar. We can tidy your post before publishing. I'm looking for enthusiasm & excitement, you must have a passion for your chosen subject   Look forward to connecting with you . Mike Follow me on Twitter@MikeRobertson facebook.com/mike.robertson.7946 ;
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