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Ground Penetrating Radar Services for Leak Detection

Mar 18th 2015 at 11:57 PM

With advancements in technology, new methods have come up that are used to detect leaks. One such method is Ground Penetrating Radar Services. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used to detect subsurface feature and objects.The machine rests on a three wheel cart that is pushed over the surface. A radar signal from an antennae passes into the ground and reflects off objects under the ground. The information is displayed on a screen providing real-time views. Mapping subsurface utilities: GPR, sounds, cable/pipe locator and CCTV are used to create a "map" of underground services. One instrument on its own cannot provide the accuracy needed for such a survey.

Scope of the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) include:

Ground penetrating radar services are efficient and effective when it comes to locating and mapping a variety of utilities and objects beneath the surface. GPR can accurately identify underground pipes and cables, storage tanks, cavities and voids, water tables, and even soil types. Archeological projects frequently rely on ground penetrating radar services, thanks to the ability it provides to see what is underground without disrupting any sensitive materials. GPR is also very effective at “seeing” through concrete and locating rebar structure within the concrete itself. Basically, this non-disruptive radar technology is extremely effective in countless construction and engineering applications.

There are alternatives and previously used methods of analyzing or surveying sub-surface terrain; however, they are usually not considered to be as comprehensive as ground penetrating radar service is. For example, scanning the ground with metal detectors is a fine way to locate and plot metal pipes or below the ground boundary markers within the range of the detectors. But this method is only able to hone in on metallic items. On the other hand, ground penetrating radar can identify items and material of nearly any composition. Another method of identifying and locating what is under the surface involves utilizing existing (and often inaccurate) utility maps and surveys. When relying exclusively on these existing resources, breaking ground is the only way to confirm their accuracy. Because digging blindly for Leak Detection is expensive and can often be dangerous, it is preferable to analyze the situation before actually breaking the surface.

Ground penetrating radar services are the perfect way to accomplish this. Ground penetrating radar uses high frequency radio waves to track and locate pipes below ground. Ground Penetrating Radar is very similar to sonar, where sound waves are projected are projected downwards and reflect the underground infrastructure. They offer complete 3D imaging of the underground pipe or utility network. They have developed through software providers a unique capability of detecting leaks with the Ground penetrating radar system.Leak detection includes hydrostatic test after pipeline erection and leak detection during service.

The author is a professional writer who has written a lot of articles on Ground Penetrating Radar Services. To know more about Leak Detection, read articles written by him.

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