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GreenWin! News Update 15th Feb - Simply A-MA-ZING what MobiSight can do!

Feb 15th 2011 at 12:10 PM

Just an other blog post...

GreenWin! and it's products and services WILL be the next great thing in global mobile communication, there is no doubt in my mind and the minds of the experts that overview the market and the development of GreenWin! as a company and holding. The only question remains:

Will YOU be part of that development?

And if so... will you be simply benefitting from those products and services as a user? Or do you have the vision of what's possible, of what can and will be done and achieved, and that by investing a little time, effort and maybe money NOW, you will be benefitting from these products and services one or two years down the line in a way and a magnitude, you cannot even fathom today; not even in your boldest dreams!

Read the newest News Update, where I want to draw your attention especially to the part about the MobiSight:

News Update 15th Feb

Stakeholders: Dividend payment completed.

Many stakeholders are requesting to convert small balances into PEPs. If you are a member or stakeholder you can simply contact support to request that your cash balance be converted into PEPs. The minimum conversion is 1 Euro.

GW Telecoms: They are almost ready to release the first version of MobiPortal and Messenger.

When the new GW Telecoms site is published you will see that there is a partners section for distributors and agents. Please do not confuse this with GreenWin Network affiliate program. GWN is a distributor for GreenWin Telecoms. GWN has it sown affiliate program.

GW Telecoms does offer the right people the opportunity to become agents directly for GW Telecoms. You can do this as well as being an affiliate for GWN.

Please keep in mind that most companies or organisation that are interested in promoting the total telecoms package to their own customers or members will not want to do so being part of a network marketing structure.

This is why GW Telecoms provides a flexible package to potential distributors.

Keep reading for more info on what it means to be a GW Telecoms distributor or agent.
GW Telecoms is already building a network of distributors for the complete package of telecoms services and products.

A distributor gets the following deal with zero set up costs to them.

1.       Telecoms portal with web phone and call functions just like you see it in your own
telecoms portal in GWN

2.       Messenger download location and co branding if required

3.       MobiPortal access location

4.       Webinar/online meeting location

5.       MobiSight access location

6.       SIM cards at wholesale

7.       GreenWin smart phone at wholesale.

8.       Integration of distributors preferred payment gateway with top up credit system.

9.       A copy of the new GWT web site or the distributor can do their own web site.

A distributor is any company or organization that has a customer base or membership.

The distributor is provided with the complete package to enable them to sign up their customers/members to the GW Telecoms services.

Distributors will collect payments from their customers for all top up credits. Credits are allocated instantly on successful payment. GW Tel invoice the distributor every month for their portion of the top up credit payments.

Distributors pre pay at wholesale cost for all orders for the SIM card and GW Smart phone... minimum order is 10 units of either product. No mixed bundles.

Money flow for MobiSight is yet to be decided

An example of distributors we have are; direct sales companies, media companies, travel companies, national and international charities, social networks, MLM companies... in fact any company or org wanting to offer their customers/members free and discounted mobile calls and access to use MobiSight...our patent pending content/data delivery system for mobile phones.

Everyone accessing MobiSight gets a free template to add their info/content/data to. Anyone wanting to use special features and functions in MobiSight pays to activate these.

Every mobile user in the world needs MobiSight... and every company in the world needs MobiSight... as does every organization.

Although we have not revealed any info yet about MobiSight... we have had market experts and multi national companies look at it.

No one is in any doubt that this will be one of the next big things in the global mobile market. It will set a new standard on how information is shared and distributed.

As a social tool it is a must have way to share content with your contacts... you simply drag and drop icons to receive the info.

Example: lets say that you are on my contact list on my phone. You have prepared your data template and written some content,... maybe uploaded a few pics or even video maybe even used a google map with directions. You send me a nudge to my phone and I simply open my MobiSight and drag your icon image into a receiver icon and within seconds all the data you want to share with me is displayed on my mobile screen... and now we can even synch phones, schedulers, or just collaborate in real time together.

Example: lets say I am visiting a city or town and I am walking along a street. I want to find a nice place to eat. So I bring up MobiSight and tell it where I am. Instantly I get several icons on my screen from the global directory. I open these and see a restaurant I like the look of... so I drag the icon into the receiver and the info appears on my screen along with perhaps a discount coupon or a bar code... the template maker can even include a local map with directions as well as direct contact info...as well as instant reservation.

Example: Any company wanting to get its service or product info out there can use MobiSight and constantly keep their templates updated... any organization can keep their members involved and interactive using their MobiSight templates

The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what MobiSight can do or be used for. Users will only be limited by their imaginations.
GreenWin Network is already a distributor for GreenWin Telecoms and all of its services/products.

You can continue to be an affiliate with GWN and/or also be an agent directly for GW Tel
Agents earn a percentage of all business they introduce. We do the closing and set up... agents only need to make the direct introductions with prospective distributors.

Active agents can earn substantial amounts in residual commissions. The new GW Tel web site will have all info that a distributor needs including application forms etc. There will be a distributor management team being put in place. Being an agent directly for GW Telecoms is a totally different game to being an affiliate with GWN. It will demand a high level of good communication with prospective distributors but the rewards will be worth it if you have what it takes to talk to the right people. Contact support at GWN for now if you think you have what it takes to be an agent.

------------------------ End News Update ------------------------

Do you have what it takes to not only benefit from those products and services as a user, being provided with the latest, patent pending, state-of-the-art technology to communicate and share your data with the world, but to acztively spread the word about this technique, the platform and all of GreenWin!'s products and services, and by doing so securing yours and your familys financial future?

If you answered the above question with "YES!" then go ahead and sign up for FREE with the GreenWin! Network by clicking >here<, automatically become an affiliate and start earning from the monetary transactions of your 10-level downline!

Let The Success Always Be With You!

Cheers from Lima, Peru

Thomas Jungblut


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