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Hi! I’m Jacquie Barton, a wife, mother and internet marketer based in the UK.

My cheque from Google doesn’t arrive by Fed-Ex and I certainly don’t have all the answers, in fact, I know a heck of a lot more about what NOT to do! In short, I’m the same as you – a normal person trying to find my way round the world of Internet marketing without going bankrupt, going insane or giving up!

I’ve been online for a couple of years now and I can assure you that yes, it is possible to earn money online ;-) It’s far easier to spend it though, isn’t it?

If you're wondering about the picture that's "Jake". He's my reason for working online as when the weather's nice I can bunk off and go play with him rather than being stuck in an office somewhere.
I know it's supposed to be the season of goodwill....

Great Tips For Successful Viral Marketing

Dec 15th 2010 at 1:07 AM

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While many successful marketers know the great benefits of viral marketing, many others are simply not aware. Some may even associate the word ‘viral’ with something nasty or unethical!

The DNA Of Viral Marketing

Of course all those who know better, know that the ‘viral’ in viral marketing refers to the rate of growth if something simply doubles every day. No doubt you have heard of the weed that doubles every day. If today it covers the entire pond, then a week ago, the weed patch was barely visible! So it is with viral marketing. If everyone who is introduced to a product simply tells two others about it twice in a day, then in a month you will have probably covered the country!


Some Marketing Tips

There are ways of maximizing the benefits of such an important marketing technique. We set out to give you a few of these:

  • The first step you must take is to locate focus groups on the net. Fortunately this is done rather easily. A simple search will give you a large number of sites, blogs and discussion forums that are interested in the very thing you have on offer. You must become a regular contributor to these sites. There is work to be done here. You will need to read and collect considerable information before you can write with authority. Only when you are accepted, will you be able to influence others with your opinion.
  • On your own site, make e-books and other resources available to visitors. Once again ensure that the user gets value and only then pass your message. It is critical to be honest; a pure sales pitch will stick out like a sore thumb. It is not essential that you write the e-book yourself. You can hire an expert to do that for you, it won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it. We are talking of viral advertising, not free advertising!
  • Tell buyers that you welcome any referrals. If a referral results in a sale, share a percentage of the profit with them. This way you create a strong incentive for the users of your stuff to introduce new users.


If you handle your viral marketing efforts well, you will be able to generate a buzz in your target group that will ultimately lead to several tangible benefits. You will find that the hits on your sites will increase substantially. Discussion forums or boards will discuss your goods or services by name and any leads that your website handles will be far more specific than they would be without the new marketing effort. Because all your work is done electronically you will also be able to automate a large amount of the lead generation and analysis activities.

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