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Granite Worktops. What Are They All About?

Jun 7th 2014 at 9:26 AM

Granite has been a firm favourite choice for consumers when choosing their stone kitchen worktop and for good reason too. Granite is actually a volcanic rock which is formed when the lava from an active volcano cools. As the stone was volcanic it was subject to unfathomable heats which once hardened make granite one of the hardest stones known to mankind making granite absolutely perfect for high traffic areas in the home such as your kitchen.

Granite worktops are available in a wide range of colours. Different granite quarries the world over have their own unique colours and patterns and this is largely down to the fact that each specific area has it's own specific minerals which when combined with the cooling volcanic lava creates the most wonderful effects. The great thing about this is that you will never find any two granite worktops that are exactly the same as granite is quarried in huge blocks and the pattern is inconsistent throughout, so whereas you may have the same colour and the same general pattern as someone else you can guarantee that it is, even if slightly, different. As opposed to the patterns the colours however remain pretty constant with the two most frequently found being black and grey, to the lesser found brown, red, blue and green too.

Being that granite comes from molten lava it is not only extremely durable but it is incredibly heat resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures without any problem whatsoever. For example you can take a boiling saucepan from your hob and place it straight on to the surface of your granite worktop and you will have absolutely no issues with it whatsoever. When you mix both the durability of granite and it's heat resistance then it becomes apparently clear just how perfect granite worktops are for your kitchen.

However granite worktops are not without their drawbacks. Although granite is an extremely durable volcanic rock, volcanic rock is also, unfortunately, quite porous when compared to other stone worktops such as quartz. This is mainly down to the visible cracks and veins that granite has which form the natural pattern in the stone. Granite worktops however can be regularly treated to make them more resistant to water which is an absolute must when you consider that these cracks and veins, however microscopic can actually harbour germs and bacteria that if left untreated can actually be harmful in areas where food is being prepared.

Also due to the porous nature of granite worktops you need to factor in the possibility of your stone worktop becoming stained. Such things that can stain untreated stone worktops are sauces with a high spice content such as curry and liquids such as red wine. However choosing whether to ignore these admittedly small drawbacks is ultimately in the hands of the consumer themselves but, all round, granite really is a remarkable worktop that would suit modern and contemporary homes alike and should be seriously considered by anyone looking to renovate their kitchen.

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