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Gobza FAQ

Jun 22nd 2012 at 6:22 AM

How do I receive my commission payments? We process all payments through PayPal. On the 15th of every month, if your commission total is $100 or greater, you‘ll receive an email from us asking for your PayPal email address for immediate payment. If you've already received one commission payment from us, additional payments will be made on the 15th of every month when the amount owed is $100 or greater. How do I know who has signed up under my GobzaLink? You‘ll receive an email with the email address of each person that signs up under your unique GobzaLink immediately after they register.

In August, you‘ll have access to a report showing the email addresses of each Shopper, Business and Non-Profit signed up in your First Wave. For your Second, Third and Fourth Wave, you‘ll have access to a report showing the total number while the details remain private. How is this different from Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)? Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a system for selling goods through a network of people who become distributors of that product. Our Connectors are not distributors and they do not sell a product. You already tell others about products or services you love. When a transaction occurs on Gobza between people that you connected to Gobza, we reward you for spreading the word. When can I start making/seeing GobzaOffers (Coupons)? GobzaOffers are scheduled to go live in August 2012. How will I know how to make a GobzaOffer? We will begin communicating how to make a GobzaOffer before we go live in August.

The online process for making GobzaOffers is user-friendly including a step by step tutorial. As you make your GobzaOffer, it will appear to the right on screen so you will know what you are creating as you make your choices. You are in control. How is the GobzaOffer redeemed? When a shopper purchases a GobzaOffer, the GobzaOffer will be delivered via email or show up immediately on our phone app. If the business entered a bar code when creating the GobzaOffer, the GobzaOffer may be swiped when redeemed at the business. When the customer shows the business the GobzaOffer via phone, the business can scan the bar code or push the “redeemed” button on the phone eliminating the GobzaOffer. If the customer brings a printed GobzaOffer, the business can scan the GobzaOffer or code in the unique serial number Gobza gives to each GobzaOffer

. How do I track my waves? You will have the ability to create a unique username and password before Gobza goes live. With this you will have access to a reporting area where you will be able to view who is under your first wave and the total of those in your next three waves. You will also be able to view commissions for your wave in this area. What does it look like to upload a GobzaOffer? How hard is it? Creation of a GobzaOffer is step by step user friendly with helps along the way. As you make your choices, a sample GobzaOffer will be created to the right so can see what it is looking like. There will also be video tutorial to aid you. Who decides what the GobzaOffer is? You. How is my GobzaOffer listed? You choose the category you want your GobzaOffer listed under. By default, under each category, GobzaOffers are listed geographically by their value to the shopper. Highest value is listed first. Shoppers can choose to sort differently after the default is shown if they choose.

Am I limited in how many GobzaOffers I can place? No. What happens after I sign up? Once Gobza goes live, you can transact and make GobzaOffers. Before and after, we will be communicating with you weekly on how to use the platform and tools to expand your GobzaVerse. Can I do multiple GobzaOffers at once? Yes. How do I pass Gobza? What do I do next??? Tell others about us and send them your unique GobzaLink to sign up. We will be sending you weekly email updates to help in this process. You can also see some of our tools at What do I say to, "Churches" "Plumbers” Every single category of business...? Gobza is a revolutionary platform where businesses can advertise risk free 24/7/365. They never pay Gobza a dime to do what they are already doing (and paying a lot for)…make offers. Shoppers have access to multiple GobzaOffers 24/7/365 getting what they want, when they want for less.

When people/businesses connect people to Gobza, they receive commissions for every transaction someone in their GobzaVerse does. For help in communication, see our tools at What happens when sales turn on? Businesses can make GobzaOffers 24/7/365. Shoppers can buy them 24/7/365. How do I check who signed up under me? Under them? etc.? When Gobza goes live, you will be able to access a reporting are for this information with your unique username and password you will create. I'm not getting notices that someone signed up under me... Why? Sometimes, Internet Service Providers block these emails for various reasons. We are working closely with them on an ongoing basis to eliminate this as much as possible. You may also check your spam folder to be sure they didn’t get pushed to that location. If you sense this is happening, please let us know at How does income work with a church or nonprofit? Where does a nonprofit sign up? A nonprofit signs up as a business.

If a nonprofit connects shoppers/businesses to Gobza and they transact, the non-profit receives a commission. Can a business make a GobzaOffer for other businesses? Yes. In my GobzaVerse, what is my commission based on? You receive a commission on the price someone in your GobzaVerse pays for a GobzaOffer. In your GobzaVerse, when a shopper buys something, or a business sells something you receive 2% of the GobzaOffer price. If both sides of a transaction are in your GobzaVerse (shopper and business), you receive 4%. How does the money flow? See our diagram on how the money flows. The shopper pays Gobza a small percentage for the GobzaOffer. The businesses pay Gobza nothing to advertise their GobzaOffer 24/7/365. The shopper pays the business upon redemption. Gobza pays the connector(s) of the business and shopper a commission for connecting them to Gobza. How is this different than other daily deal sites? Businesses advertise free and risk free. Businesses get all the money for the GobzaOffer they place and they get it when the shopper redeems it. Businesses are in control of the GobzaOffers they make and can make them 24/7/365. Shoppers have access to multiple GobzaOffers 24/7/365. Shoppers get what they want, when they want it, for less. Everyone who connects others to Gobza get commissions for that connection for life


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