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I have always been an entrepreneur and own several online/offline businesses. I welcome the challenge of creating a successful businesses from scratch.

I have been involved with computers since the early 1980s. I started a computer software company in 1982 and was a consultant for several Oil & Gas companies, which includes Shell Oil, Conoco, Fluor Daniel, and Global Marine. I developed a well-mapping software, an inventory control software, and a mooring stability software which is still in use today.

I started a computer hardware company in 1993. We specialized in storage solutions and was the main provider for ExxonMobil, Houston Chronicle, and the U.S. Air Force. My company was named as top 100 fastest growing companies by Inc magazine back in 1995 (it went from 0 to $4.5mil in less than 4 years).

In 1999, I started an internet company in Mexico and successfully negotiated an agreement with AT&T and Telmex to provide telecommunication services in Mexico. I started a construction company in 2003 in Houston, Texas, and relocated to Orlando, Florida, in 2005. I moved back to Houston, Texas, in 2007 and opened a Children Toy store with my two sisters which I am still a part owner of.

I am the owner of Affiliate Community, a social media site for network marketers. We are currently looking for like-minded, hard working individuals who want to change their life for the better. I am very committed and will do my best to help all of us reach our goals.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Meade


Aug 28th 2013 at 2:14 PM


We have designed and created the next generation software that combines a revenue sharing, a matrix, and a cycler system all in ONE place. If you like revenue sharing programs but disappointed because none of them last very long and if you like matrices and cyclers but not cycling and earning fast enough, then you have come to the right place. We have combined a conventional matrix, a reverse matrix, a cycler and our revenue sharing software so now you can have everything in ONE system.

Unlike other programs, we own 100% of our source code. We are not relying on others (and their busy schedules) to make improvements or fixes to our program.This is not off-the-shelf scripts that you can buy. Our team of programmers are working hard around the clock to ensure that our program is running smoothly. Others rely heavily on their script developers. We found it very amusing that some program owners/admins bought a script, made some "cosmetic" changes, tested it for a "few" days, and then assumed that everything is working as expected and even better than others using the "same" script. Do not get fooled by sites that come and go by the dozens every week. They have not lasted in the past and will not last in the future since there are no changes in the script other than cosmetically. We believe that we have created a system that will last so everyone can succeed... it is now up to you to take advantage of it.


One: Automatic-Adjustments of profit sharing. Our program will adjust profit sharing distribution based on actual sales. Those who promised a fixed percentage at a certain fixed time are guaranteed to fail. You can not make a promise based on "unpredictable" future sales. With our system, there is no preset time, frequency, amount, or percentage for profit sharing. It varies throughout the day depending on the number of sales (upgrades and purchases). There is no time limit to our longevity as we will never operate our business on negative cash flow.

Two: Powerful combination of matrix systems (conventional, forced & reverse), small cyclers, and revenue sharing in one program. Others have tried to add a matrix or a cycler to their revenue sharing programs but not ALL THREE!

Three: Reverse matrix offers the ability to retain members and to promote growth. It allows new members to earn commissions from existing members, not from new future members who may never come. No other program has been able to do this automatically. Others have tried to duplicate our reverse matrix algorithm but failed. Yes, members enter the reverse matrix from the top (thus the name "reverse") and inherited existing members as their downline automatically upon upgrading their accounts. Allowing new members to earn quickly will keep them in the system and stimulate program growth.

Four: Sponsor bonus. If you are able to sponsor others, you will be rewarded greatly... not only from the sponsor bonus, which includes all future purchases, but also when your sponsored members earned from different levels in our matrix system. When members do well in our system, we make sure that their sponsors are also doing well or even better. The key to success and longevity in any program is to allow members to earn as much and as fast as possible and... to reward their sponsors.

Five: 75%-25% repurchase rule. The first $100 of your profit is not affected by the rule and can be withdrawn at anytime. After the first $100, 25% will be reserved and can only be used for purchases. For example, if you have earned $200 in profit, you can withdraw $175 and transfer the amount to your payment processor. The remaining $25 stays in your account and is available for new purchases only.

This is done to ensure that those who are in profit help other members (especially the newest members) by purchasing more Ad Packs instead of withdrawing all the profits. Auto purchase from the reserve account may be enforced as necessary. This will give members new Ad Packs, new positions in the system, and more income potential. This also ensures that our program is indefinitely sustainable. This feature does not benefit program owners or admins as all profits from purchases are distributed to members instantly.

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