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3 years ago

Give your downline the tools they need to succeed

Nov 7th 2010 at 2:28 AM

So, you have chosen your business, and now you are hopefully starting to recruit downline members.

Let's take a look at the tools YOU are using and what recommendations you give your new work colleagues to help them do a good job for themselves and for you.

It took me quite a while before I realised that I was losing time - and therefore money - because I wasn't using an autoresponder. When I first came into network marketing I really hated them. They seemed so impersonal and I thought I could manage without one. WRONG. I was getting visitors to my website OK, but even if they contacted me, there weren't enough hours in the day to advertise, update my site, write blogs and articles AND manage new prospects. On top of that they weren't getting a consistent message because I was writing emails individually.

Only when I joined the Income Community teambuild to grow my GDI downline, I also joined TrafficWave and started to work through their training articles. TrafficWave is an industry leader and now the monthly cost goes unnoticed because when I bring a new person to my MAIN businesses I ALSO bring them into TrafficWave.

They will either get the URL because they signed up on a page that automatically took them straight into a series of autoresponder mails which will include my TrafficWave details, or if they have come to me via a Skype conversation or recommendation, I will 'feed' them into the appropriate autoresponder campaign manually. A 'campaign' is a series of autoresponder mails sent out on a pre-defined schedule. It is literally marketing on autopilot.

One of the biggest lessons you have to learn about network marketing is the power of duplication. Sit down for a moment and think about the PROCESS that got you into the business you are in. The chances are that an autoresponder played a part in that process. So why aren't you passing that on to the people YOU are recruiting?

I hope by now you will already be convinced that you cannot do without this tool and that you want to get your downline into the autoresponder habit too, but hang around. There is more you need to think about.

Just now, I mentioned pages that automatically take you into an autoresponder campaign. Some businesses automatically provide these for you, even giving you the opportunity to personalise them with a photo. They will have a place for you to put your name and email address. However, if your chosen affiliate business does NOT give you a page what do you do?

Well, Trafficwave gives you a very basic lead capture page maker, but you can't customize it with logos and photographs to the level you might need for promoting another business apart from TrafficWave itself.

You need a dedicated tool and InstantSplash is the best I know. It has free and pro options and it's own mini-responder. You can build simple 'splash' pages - a brief poster style ad  which you can use to tempt people to your main affiliate page. It's better than bombarding them with the full details straight away. If you can make them curious enough to click, you are halfway to winning a customer! The other option is to show them a page with the name and email boxes.

Instantsplash is particularly good in that you can integrate a lead capture page directly with your Trafficwave account and the specific campaign you are recruiting for. The Pro option cost is worthwhile. Carl Bailey, the owner is constantly updating and improving this product and is also a very helpful admin if you have problems or questions. So, if you don't have this tool, sign up and pass it on to your downline in ALL the programs you are in.

The last tool I am going to talk about in this article is traffic exchanges. Now you might have thought that I would do that one first. After all, you want to start advertising as soon as you can. But hang on. If you don't have good ads to show and a method of managing the people who respond to them, your surfing credits could well be wasted!

You will want to choose the most effective traffic exchanges but with the thousands out there, HOW do you choose? How about taking the advice of industry leaders who have voted the exchanges they find bring them the most response? You will find these collected in Traffic Hoopla.  This is a downline builder as well as a very helpful list of the best places to advertise. The idea is that you join the traffic exchanges you want, then put your ID's into Traffic Hoopla and pass that single URL onto your downline. Then when THEY join, they are in your downline in each exchange. Upgrade in as many exchanges as you can afford as it will give you more free surf credits.

There is one addition that hadn't made it into Hoopla yet which surprises me as it has brought me a lot of responders to the ads I have run and that is The Traffic Dance . The owner, Faith Brooks has designed a fun and funky traffic exchange with a chat window which makes surfing less of a chore and introduces you to a new group of enthusiastic and experienced marketers.

Did you spot the message that runs through each of these three recommendations? Each of them gives you the opportunity to make more money from promoting the tools themselves as well as your main business. And because you will be explaining the importance of promoting in the right way, and duplicating what YOU do, you have the best chance of building a really effective marketing team.

Not convinced yet? Try this FREE report from Jerry Iannucci giving you more info about the value of autoresponders and links to business tools you will really find useful -

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