Get Your Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Apr 24th 2015 at 2:28 AM

Calamari is a popular Omega-3 fatty acid supplement for good reason. Calamari oil competes with fish oil and krill oil in the hotly-contested Omega-3 supplement market. There are several advantages to choosing this type of oil over an alternative. Most importantly, this fish oil supplies more Omega-3 fatty acids than other fish oils available on the market. Calamari is also sustainable from an ecological standpoint. Its production does not cut native populations of fish. This oil is high in DHA, producing benefits for the eye, the heart, and the brain. Lastly, calamari oil supplements do not have any kind of fishy aftertaste.

The Superior Fish Oil Supplements

Calamari oil supplements pack a greater punch than fish oil supplements. Most people can consume one capsule a day of this oil compared to multiple doses of other types of fish oil. This alone is a good enough reason to switch sides. Many opponents of supplements suggest people are better off eating fish. The amount of fish that a person would have to eat to compete with a calamari supplements is high. Some Fish contain trace heavy metals which can actually be damaging to health. For people who either don't like the taste of fish or who don't want to eat large amounts of fresh fish, supplementing remains a great alternative. Supplements are always controversial simply because there is so much competition in the industry. Add in the fact that companies that sell prescription medications also want to sell their own products and you quickly understand why it's not always easy to get simple answers to complex health questions about the benefits and drawbacks of supplements.

Supplements Are Here to Stay

People who want the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids will always buy supplements like calamari oil. Supplementation assures them of having the proper supply of something that's essential in their diet. There are few drawbacks to consuming this type of oil, other than fishy-smelling breath and diarrhoea. Made from the calamari squid, it has 85% more DNA than any other supplement made from sea creatures. Studies have suggested that extra Omega-3 fatty acids help fight heart disease and cancer works to prevent memory loss. This triumvirate of medical issues impacts millions of people worldwide. It's no surprise that so many are now fighting back against these illnesses with Omega-3 rich supplements.

It pays to research which Omega-3 supplement is best for you. You may need to take multiple types of fish oil to see if your body reacts differently to various types of fish oils. Record your feelings when you try a new supplement regimen. If one is superior to the others then by all means, use it exclusively. One thing seems certain, though, Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation carries many health benefits that can help improve people's lives. Calamari oil has unique advantages and few side effects so it's worth exploring this option. Anything that helps you get more Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet is a great thing.

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