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We help create millionaires.....

Our experience at BGI has shown us that right now is an awesome time for Sales and Marketing, and the best tools to use are the Internet, Radio, TV and Print! BGI has developed a system for the everyday man and woman to share in the wealth that expert Sales and Marketing can generate. Let BGI help you be successful with the product you are trying to sell, that idea you are trying to promote, or even a philanthropic cause.

Our goal at BGI is to stay connected with cutting edge technology, introduce new products/services, and provide excellent customer service. That is how we have been successful. We are not just committed to results, "We are Committed to Result Driven Success".. Let us use that success to help you, realize your goals. No group will be able to compete with pricing and the number of ads we will be able to place on a daily basis.

BGI has been very successful as well with telemarketing and can offer you, your business, or organization a structure and system that is low cost to operate... with huge returns. Sales and Marketing the best and surest way to close deals, make sales, and get the word out about your company. Daily cash results for any business or charity, even ministry. If you desire more money for your business or cause, want help driving traffic to your website, and want to know more how we can help you, call me @ 206-551-7350 I would love to talk to you to see how we can assist your needs. Biancco Group International.

For more, you can also visit and get 1 million visitors to your site traffic offers start for $5 Today!

We help create millionaires.....
Biancco Gardner | BGIM

Get Wealyhy With Your Current Website

Jun 20th 2015 at 10:49 PM

Millions of  Real People Visitors
Starting Only @ $5 With BGI MARKETING

Life time of traffic Visitors to your website.
Better than a traffic exchange, a traffic builder!
Imagine the potential sales you could make with that traffic and downline!
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This is very real and we will build your timeline we normally charge big money for our service but today you save big if you are a member of So let us work for you. You can expect daily results and less than 1 year you will have so many real visitors to your site to buy or view your site content. Contact us to see if you would like another run. Thank you and bless you.
This ad featured in the weekly twitter paper.
*Also works great for sign ups
*Great for product, service, or cause awareness
We will send countless millions to your website for the life of your site in estimates of around two hundred & fifty million with our down-line builder. We do all the work for you. This one is a process and requires a little time to build up to a large number of daily visitors. This offer stands for the life of your site.
Specific geographical area. Targeted Real People visitors if needed.

You can keep trying to compete with billion dollar a year companies trying to get top ranking to be frustrated. Search engine traffic in 50% of whats available on the internet. We go after the other 50% no one else from the 99% chasing SEO Article writing. Not to say that's a bad thing because we all know it work, but if for example 100 people are trying for the same spot who gets it. You only want it to get more traffic to your site and rank higher anyway. Well we send you that traffic you are looking for and know need to compete with billion dollar a year companies.
Why keep trying to compete with billion dollar a year companies and hundreds if not thousands to get 1st page on search engines. The whole goal for that is to get only 50% of the internet traffic (search engine traffic) when there is another 50% only 1% use regularly to get traffic with out fighting thousands of people and billion dollar companies to get. We at BGI wont to help you today achieve your website traffic goals. 300 million real people visitors to your site for $5 for a limited time. This service is always low normally $50. This is to insure that everyone gets the traffic they need to be a success. log on to see what others are saying about 300 million website visitors.

Thank you. Biancco M Gardner Sr.


BGI Marketing is a new company that has the best opportunity for small companies to mass market and advertise their business than any other company. ( SEO- Article Writing-Website Traffic-Incentives-search engine submission-back-links-online-and more....) We have developed a network of more than 500 million people and growing daily. You as a business owner will be able to take part of all the services we offer for only $5. Why is it important to use multiple services instead of just one.The 3benefits #of #massMarketing is to reach out to a large number of #people at one time and #delivering the same #message, in hopes that whoever listening will #buy your #product or #service. It's a lot easier to speak to a #group of 100 people just making one speech vs having to speak to 100 different people.

Before it was a lot more effective when #technology was not so advanced. There were certain #radio #stations people usually listened to and there were even few #TV channels that people would watch. So it was easier for a company back then to #mass #market to the public as it was easy to just #advertise on the few channels that people listened or watched. Now there's hundreds and hundreds of channels and stations, not to mention different #media such as the #internet, that people have access to. So now #mass marketing becomes a little less effective than what it once used to be. That's why taking advantage of multiple services and a more than competitive price is the best approach to this problem. We have developed a system that will allow you to be in all media outlets and grab a hold of the market over your competitors.



This section for SEO only thank you.

#MassMarketing is a #market #coverage #strategy in which a firm decides to ignore #marketSegment differences and appeal the whole market with one offer or one strategy. The idea is to #broadcast a message that will reach the largest number of people possible. Traditionally #mass #marketing has focused on #radio, #television and #newspapers as the #media used to reach this #broad #audience. By #reaching the #largest #audience possible exposure to the product is maximized. In theory this would directly correlate with a larger number of #sales or #buys into the #product.

#Mass #marketing is the opposite to #Niche #marketing as it focuses on high #sales and #low #prices. #Mass #Marketing #aims to #provide #products and #services that will #appeal to the# whole #market. #Niche #marketing #targets a #very #specific #segment of #market for example #specialized #services or #goods with few or no #competitors.



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