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Mar 7th 2012 at 9:10 PM

29 Jun 2015

This article was written when Wazzub was in prelaunch.
This business module is growing steadily.

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This opportunity is only for people who not only join but grow a team before 09 Apr 2012. Your earning will be depending on the size of your team.

Here is some information which you may find useful.

This article will tell you exactly how WAZZUB will earn money after launch and why it will be enough money to pay ALL pre-launch members. You will find the answers to the following questions:

1. Why is WAZZUB able to promise a profit share for every pre-launch member without asking for any money and with no job to do after launch?

WAZZUB is the world’s first free PROFIT SHARING PHENOMENON. Instead of investing millions of $$$ to promote their website after launch, they share their profits with all members that joined WAZZUB for free, even before launch.

There are only 2 obligations to be qualified for payments: you need at least 3 members in your personal WAZZUB Family and you have to set up their page as your home page (after launch) as long as you want to receive payments.

WAZZUB will pay 50% of their profits to their qualified pre-launch mem-bers. If there would be just a small profit there would be just small pay-ments; and if there is a bigger profit the payments will be bigger, too. There is never a risk that WAZZUB has to pay more money than they have earned to their pre-launch members.

In most other business opportunities, members are forced to pay a membership fee or to pay auto-ships to be qualified for payments. Often the money that the top people earn is not from “real” business but their percentage from what their down line paid out of their pockets.

WAZZUB is different! At WAZZUB no member has to pay any fees to be qualified for payments or any fees to use the WAZZUB page as their home page (just like nobody has to pay Google for using their search engine or Facebook for opening an account). The money that WAZZUB is going to pay to their members is money that they earned for doing “real” business: There will be ads displayed on the members’ home page and there will be special offers exclusively for WAZZUB members in partnership with some well-known brands on this planet.

Simply said, WAZZUB is doing the same business like hundreds of thou-sands of other websites: they offer free services and they earn money through advertising, retail and affiliate programs.

The pre-launch members are highly interested that more and more users will use the free services of WAZZUB because the profits will be higher; so they won’t stop to spread the word about WAZZUB after launch. The more pre-launch members that are qualified for payments, the more people will promote WAZZUB.

2. Why would it be no problem even if 10 million pre-launch members would join WAZZUB?

There are more than 2 billion users connected to the Internet. The global players like Google or Facebook attract up to 1 billion unique users per month to their websites.

WAZZUB’s basic calculation ($1 profit share per $FACTOR) is based on 10 x more unique users than pre-launch members. If we would have 10 million pre-launch members our goal would be to reach 100 million unique users per month.

That would be just 5 % of all Internet users and far less than the global players and many other websites; in other words, all this is possible even if 95% of all Internet users never heard of WAZZUB.

For sure, these numbers are not easy to reach, but it is possible and with an army of 10 million pre-launch members - very realistic.

3. Is there a fair chance for members who join the WAZZUB Family right at the end of pre-launch to earn money with WAZZUB?

There are some people out there shouting “Unfair!” or even “It’s a Pyramid!” when they hear about our pre-launch. Their argument: “If you need 3 mem-bers in your personal WAZZUB Family to be qualified for payments, there will be only a few qualified members and hordes of unqualified members, especially those who join at the end of pre-launch. They will never have a chance to qualify!”

Well, none of those shouters asked us how we will handle this situation...

Nevertheless, here is our answer:

Every single pre-launch member will be able to qualify for payments and here is the reason why:

At the end of pre-launch the gates are closing and the opportunity to join our Profit Sharing Phenomenon will be gone. BUT...FOR 3 MORE WEEKS, all the new members that are joining after launch will still raise the $Factors of their inviters.

Got it? Every pre-launch member will be able to be qualified for payments by inviting his/her 3 members without “producing” new members without a $FACTOR because after launch, for new members there is no $Factor anymore!

And now imagine how our membership numbers will grow when millions of pre-launch members are promoting our “perfect home page” during this 3-week period. Remember, it is their last chance to raise their $Factor to receive higher payments...

Now it is up to you to decide: Unfair? - Fair? - Or the fairest system you have ever heard of?

4. How realistic is it to earn $1 per $FACTOR per month after launch?

To be honest, it is very unrealistic for the month of April. We will launch our beta version on April 9 and there will be bugs and glitches that need to be corrected; that is why we call it “beta launch”. May and June, as well, will be two important months needed to improve our system and to add more and more functions that our users like. So we expect July to be the first month to reach at least $1 per $Factor.

Let us do a glance into the future: Could it happen that more and more members use our website as their home page if it is really useful to them? Yes, for sure!

But...where is the limit? - 100 million? - 200 million? - 500 million? 1 billion?

5. How will WAZZUB handle millions of payments per month?

WAZZUB will use established, automated methods of payments to pay their members. For an automatic system it makes no difference if there are one hundred, one thousand or one million payments to process.

6. Why should members join WAZZUB after launch if they won’t earn any money?

You could ask the same question about Facebook. Why should more and more people join Facebook? Facebook already has 800 million users and they gain to reach 1 billion sometime later this year. None of those members receive money from Facebook but they join. Why? Because Facebook is useful to them.

WAZZUB will be useful to their users, too. Imagine this:

You start your Internet browser and find yourself on the perfect home page. There is a powerful search engine, the latest news exactly on those topics you are interested in, messages from your friends and family, the best deals on the Internet and useful links to your favorite websites.

Imagine receiving valuable gifts and bonuses, just for using this powerful tool as your personal home page.

On April 9, 2012 we will launch our state-of-the-art and patent-pending website and we KNOW that our members will love it!

If you are not convinced or if you know a better opportunity, we wish you all the best with your future businesses. To all the others, we would like to say: "Welcome to the WAZZUB Family - Let’s activate the Power of “We”!



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Mar 7th 2012 at 9:19 PM by aditya
Click on the power of "We", note the number of members. Click after 1 hour and note the number again. You will see the fantastic rate of growth. It it Free. Be a part of this amazingly growing system.

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