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Get Better Landing Page Conversions Using These Three Ideas

Aug 31st 2011 at 8:14 AM

An essential component of your online business marketing plan is your landing page. It does not matter whether you are using it to sell a product or if its main function is gathering leads, if it not inspiring a feeling of trust in your visitors it will not encourage them to take
action and your results will suffer. To improve your conversion rate without the need to employ an expensive copywriter, there are a few small tweaks that you can make to get better results.

Here are 3 quick tips that can increase the conversion rate to your landing page immediately:

1. Testimonials

One of the best methods for adding credibility to your statements is by having customer testimonials as a way to provide proof. Nothing works better than getting the opinion of someone who has used a product that you are thinking of buying. Offline businesses have used this marketing technique for years and online businesses are finding it even more
effective. The only thing that you must remember is that these testimonials need to be as believable as possible.

Even when testimonials are one hundred percent authentic; they will not always be accepted as such by the reader. Although it is a common practice online to use fake testimonials, don't make this mistake as people are already very skeptical. If at all possible, include an audio or video recording of the person giving the testimonial, as this will
increase the belief of the reader.

2. Add a Symbol of Trust.

To give your online business more credibility and authority there are a number of symbols available that you can use. One of the most common ones that is used and trusted by many people is the Better Business Bureau symbol. It is amazing how adding the letters "BBB" and a security badge to your landing page, particularly if you are selling a product
can improve your credibility status, as potential customers will immediately feel more secure about any transactions they may make with you.

If the main purpose of your landing page is to build a list of email subscribers then adding an anti-spam symbol is essential, and as well as these traditional symbols it can help if you include symbols belonging to any other affiliations you may have, such as the local Chamber of Commerce as an example.

3. Include a link to your privacy policy.

Whether you are selling a product or just collecting information, people want to know that any information they give you will be protected and safe. It is really easy to overlook this practice, even though it is the normal thing to do these days, but people do need to know that any information they give you is safe, so if you don't have a privacy policy set up yet then get it done right away and at the same time, particularly if you are selling a product, see that you add a Terms of Service. The majority of people tend to think that this is nothing more than legal jargon, but it still makes them feel more secure and that is what counts in the end.

Because it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to actually get people to visit your online business landing page, it is imperative that you do whatever is possible to maximize your conversion rate. Admittedly there are many really expensive options around that can help you to achieve this, but there are also some cheaper simple solutions that can do the job just as successfully. Adding these 3 tips immediately to your landing page such as; including customer testimonials, some symbols of trust and a link to your privacy policy will do a lot to improving your likelihood of increased conversions.

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Jan 25th 2014 at 11:11 PM by topnetworkeral
very good suggestion; been on the fence forever with the testimonials aspect; leaning more and more towards getting that done; to improve conversions; that's a MUST!
Nov 11th 2012 at 7:03 AM by Surfvira
Very useful info, thank you! :)
Sep 6th 2011 at 12:38 PM by MichelleJayes
I agree that it is important but I feel that all business should be conducted with integrity if you want people to trust and believe what you have to say. Thank you Tomas for your comment I appreciate your view.
Sep 4th 2011 at 8:00 AM by igytomas
Michelle, these are definitely good ideas for better conversion, however. The "badges of trust" you need to apply for them first isn't it? And there maybe a cost associated with some of them or you have to qualify for them. You cannot just put them on the page as you please, well physically you can, but this is not the point. This can be verified. If one do so just like that, the good name and business could be torn-apart. The testimonials, yes, but make sure they are decent. There are many marketers who don't bother and use fake, made-up once and it is not easy if at all possible, to distinguish between the good and the bad. I think that the good alternative, if you can, is to make short video testimonials or at lease have endorsed pictures of those who gave testimonials. Honestly, I became very sceptical and my level of trust to those textual is overstretched and extremely limited. Anyway, it is a good reminder of what can help :)

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