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Genesis Pure vs JubiRev

Aug 28th 2013 at 5:08 PM

Both of these programs are a lot alike and include a profit sharing comp plan.  So I thought that maybe a side by side comparison was in order, so her goes.

Company Information
Genesis Pure was launched in late 2009 and is based & ships out of Utah, USA.  Its founder is Dr. Lindsay Duncan and recently announced on its Facebook page that it has acquired the MLM company LifeMax on August 7th.

JubiRev/JubiMax was launched in March 2013 and is based & ships out of Delaware, USA.  Its founder is J.Joshua Beistle, who is also the founder of myPhoneRoom and writer of several MLM marketing books.

Product Lines
Genesis Pure markets a range of products in the health and nutrition niche.  These products includes Core vitamin, Pure Cafe coffee, Energy drink, GPS muscle-recovery formula, Superfruits beverage, Supplement drink, Youth Renew moisturizer, and Health Trim appetite shake mix.

JubiMax is the product line of JubiRev and markets a range of products that includes the following.   MaxSlim weight loss (60 capsules) & (14 capsules), Max Natural Super Food Shake, Jubi Trainer, Youth 24K Gold Daytime Anti-Aging Serum, Youth Daily Facial Cleanser, Youth Toner, Youth Nighttime Peptide Treatment Cream, Max Cardio Formula, Max Health Ionic Mineral Spray, Max Relief Formula, Max Relief Party Box, Max Energy Mixer (12 pack) & (48 pack), Jubi coffee, JubiVacations Resort Card (Single or Double or Triple Use) and JubiRebates free cashback program.

Program Affiliate Costs
Genesis Pure affiliate membership cost is either $47 or $37 (if a monthly autoship order is created), with an annual fee of $27.

JubiRev affiliate membership is free.

Revenue-Sharing Plans
Genesis Pure affiliates need a monthly product purchase of at least 300 Personal Volume (PV) to qualify for the weekly revenue share pool. PV can be either an affiliate’s own product purchases or sales volume generated from retail sales.

Revenue shares can be earned as follows: Level 1- 300 to 899 PV = 2 shares; Level 2- 900 to 1499 PV = 3 shares; and Level 3- 1500 or more PV = 5 shares.  The Revenue share payments are made up of "2% of the company’s weekly total company commission-able volume".  Shares can also be earned when new recruited affiliates make orders above 300 PV as follows;
Level 1qualified affiliate – 4 shares for a new Level 1 affiliate, 6 shares for a new Level 2 affiliate, and 10 shares for a new Level 3 affiliate.
Level 2 qualified affiliate – 6 shares for a new Level 1 affiliate, 9 shares for a new Level 2 affiliate, and 15 shares for a new Level 3 affiliate.
Level 3 qualified affiliate – 10 shares for a new Level 1 affiliate, 15 shares for a new Level 2 affiliate, and 25 shares for a new Level 3 affiliate.

JubiRev affiliates need the following to qualify for daily revenue sharing. (1. Place an JubiMax ad each day, (2. Maintain a 20% Quality Score (QS). This means that a minimum of 20% of the JubiBucks (JB) that have been given to affiliates customers must have be used to purchase JubiMax products, (3. Minimum monthly Personal Qualify Volume (PQV) of 45, with a minimum of 30 of these coming from Customer Volume (CV) or 260 monthly PQV, with a minimum of 60 of these coming from CV, for affiliates with over 25,000 JubiPoints.
JubiPoints are earned as follows;  5 JubiPoints for each JubiBuck use by a customer to purchase products; 10 JubiPoints for each $1 spent by a customer to purchase products; and 15 JubiPoints for each $1 spent by a customer to purchase a autoship monthly order.  JubiPoints expire based on an affiliates membership level, at the time of when the JubiPoints where earned, as follows; Jade 80 days; Ruby 85 days; Emerald 95 days, and Diamond 105 days.  Up to "50% of JubiMax company daily revenue is paid out daily" to qualified affiliates as both JubiBucks and cash (maximum daily cash payment is 60%).  Amount of daily revenue share is based totally on the number of unexpired JubiPoints that a affiliate has that day.

Affiliate Membership Ranks
Genesis Pure has twenty-three (23) affiliate membership ranks.

JubiRev has only eight (8) affiliate membership ranks.

Program Comp Plans

Genesis Pure retail commissions earned are the difference between retail price and company's wholesale price.  Genesis Pure offers a First Order bonus, Team commissions, Generation Check Match bonus, weekly Leadership Pool bonus, and monthly Luxury Car bonus.  A detailed description of Genesis Pure comp plan bonuses can be found at this video here (sorry but the PDF Genesis Pure comp plan link does not work).

JubiRev retail commissions on customer sales are by affiliate rank as follows; Associate & Jude 5%; Ruby 7%; Emerald 8%; and Diamond & higher 10%.  JubiRev offers a New Customer bonus,  a 5% Unilevel bonus, Check Match bonus, Fast Start bonus, and Car Club bonus. A detailed description of JubiRev comp plan bonuses can be found at this video here and at a PDF download link here.

My Opinion...... On the plus side Genesis Pure has been around since 2009, so there is no question on the company's "stability", while JubiRev is still fairly new (less than a 1 year old) so it has no long term track record.  Both Genesis Pure and JubiRev are based in the USA, which is again a plus for company "stability".  Both program retail prices are basically in the same "ball park" and their comp plan earnings are also somewhat "comparable". Both Genesis Pure and JubiRev have an extensive product range that is obviously retail-able.

However the overall lack of focus on retail sales within the Genesis Pure comp plan is concerning.  Aside from the fact of offering commissions on retail sales, no other part of the Genesis Pure comp plan is directly tied into "non-affiliate" retail sales volume.  JubiRev on the other hand have all their daily profit sharing earnings, JubiBucks, and bonus all tied directly to "non-affiliate" retail customer sales (CV).

The fact that Genesis Pure affiliates can generate all their monthly Personal Volume (PV), needed to qualify for commissions, from just self-purchased products, means that NO "real" customer purchases are required to qualify for comp plan earnings.  This pretty much shift focus away from retail and to affiliates, recruiting new affiliates, that will make big initial orders.  With affiliates able to completely ignore the retail side of the business entirely, is potentially problematic as affiliates can earn from just the affiliates they recruit (without any "non-affiliate" customers purchases). Such a “buy-in” type of program raises potential RED FLAGS with government agencies.   Now with JubiRev requiring all affiliates to maintain a minimum monthly customer sales volume (CV), in order to qualify for for its comp plan earnings, forcing affiliates to have "non-affiliate" monthly retail sales volume, which is what government agencies want to see in a "legit" profit sharing MLM program.

On a personal note, I do not like the fact that Genesis Pure requires affiliates to pay a $27 annual membership fee, while JubiRev has no membership fee.  Also I like the fact that with JubiRev people can join as a FREE Associate affiliate, get retail customers, and earn commissions directly from their retail customers purchases, without them having to purchase anything.

How do I rate Genesis Pure and JubiRev against each other?

On comp plan earnings EVEN;  retail product pricing EVEN; on having retail-able products EVEN; on affiliate membership costs ADVANTAGE JubiRev; on known company stability ADVANTAGE Genesis Pure; on diversity of products ADVANTAGE JubiRev (they also has non-health and nutrition products); on legitimate comp plans ADVANTAGE JubiRev; on retail customer loyalty ADVANTAGE JubiRev (nothing causes retail customer loyalty more that offering them FREE products); on profit sharing earnings ADVANTAGE JubiRev (as it pays out a higher company profit percentage, 50% daily compared to 2% weekly); and on profit sharing details EVEN (Genesis Pure requires more affiliate monthly costs, but JubiRev requires more daily work).

When I add up the scores it looks like plus (1) one for Genesis Pure, (4) four EVEN, and a plus (5) five for JubiRev. Making JubiRev the better profit sharing MLM program in my opinion.

Just My Opinion;
Philip Reitcheck

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