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Generating One Way Link Backs to Your Site

Nov 8th 2010 at 8:17 AM

Let's face it.  There are so many different things to do online now a days to get your site listed in the Search engines quickly.  Most people go through the social networking sites, others often like to blog about things, then there's rss feeds and syndication efforts.  Did you know that the easiest thing just may be getting backlinks to your site?

What the hell is a backlink Jason?  Well my friend back link is just another word for your sites web address to be located out on the internet in a different domain address.  For example, (this would be your main website) and a search engine spider crawls through other sites and notices that has your domain name listed inside of the site.  Now because yahoo is a considered to be an authority site amongst search engines, that spider now goes back through the cyber report to the search engine that it came from and reports that yahoo (the authority site) has a link to your main site.  What this does is pushes your website up just a little bit higher than a site that is not in yahoo.

Now the question comes to play as to whether or not you really need to be listed in yahoo, google, etc.  It would be nice but it is not really all that necessary.  You see if you are smart about your advertising methods, you will find that you can back links from just about anywhere.  But how is this possible?  It is called a TESTIMONIAL!!! This one little feature can do wonders, and it always amazes me why people do not use them.  They are just calling out your name to be said "Hey drop a line to let others know about this site and oh don't forget to leave your own website!"  I understand that I am being a little silly with that explanation, but seriously think about it. How many times do you go to a website and do some kind of review on something that you have purchased from that website.  Odds are in favor that if you were interested in it there are bound to be hundreds if not thousands of other users who are still trying to decide as to whether or not they want to buy the same product.

In fact, they are even making software programs that will allow you to set up your "testimonial" in advance, and they will put it on the web address that you want to have it appear on.  A testimonial has to be one of the best ways to generate 1 way link backs to your site.  Uh oh!! What the heck is a 1 way link back?  You see there are 2 types of link backs.  There is a true 1 way link back and then there is a reciprocal link back.  What this means to you is that a 1 way link back is where your link is displayed on a site but you are in no way obligated to display the other site link on your site.  These are the most sought after link backs.  Hence why you should really start taking advantage of the testimonials page of the site or even just sending an email to the product owner stating that you would like to submit this email for their site as long as they display the link back to your site.

If you are interested in getting a testimonials generator to help you put the fast track in your link backs then just check this out!

Now just remember if you are interested in this, I am doing something just for my followers on IM FacePlate.  You will only find this code right here in this article on IM FacePlate.  So copy and paste it and use with the link above to receive a 50% discount on the regular price!  Here is the coupon code you will need: ##T35tG3N3R@T0R##

Final thought for part one.  Not all link backs are good.  Check back later to see what I mean when I publish part 2 of this article.


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