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I just love internet surfing: That is what I do most of the time. Before this mania started I was an avid reader. I love cooking, some social work, raising kids. I do some gardening during summer. Just like anybody else I stay busy as much as I can and out of trouble. I am not an extremist, but little religious. If time permits I love walking or some workouts. That is it for now.
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Generating Income- You or Someone else?

Sep 11th 2010 at 8:18 PM

When we talk about internet marketing, we talk about income. When we talk about income we convince ourselves as the income makers, see ourselves as  businessman/ woman. Actually who is making the income here? Less than one percent of the internet marketers or homebased workers only find their fortune with this system. Others help these one percent to become rich or become successful.

If you think you are in that big percentage of the population, you need to flip the matrix and come forward. If you cannot do it by yourself seek help from "GURU"s who are willing to help you.

Once I heard about generating big income from home business four years back, I decided to quit my full time job, because I thought it was very easy, Also the advertisement about "generating income " was very attractive. Some how I manage not to quit the job, but decided to try this and that. When I tried, I learned, "generating income" means you are working from home and wasting your time to generate income for others in business. So I thought I need to do a research about this field, by trials and errors I finally reached this conclusion. There are a few genuine businesses which help you generate a small amount of income from home, if you want to be truthful about what you do, offer a product ,service or both. So there is no "get rich quick schemes" out there: I know you all heard this before, but  if somebody tell you; "what I offer you is the best",  learn to  tell them: let me do a research first then I will believe. Because there is nothing that I didn't tried in home based business.

There are some new TE sites, also  make you believe that they are the best with color and content. Inside there is lot of politics associated with them too. So if you are not sure which one you need to select: try them all, find it for yourself. Don't let anybody make you a fool out of nothing.

First I fight, then I give up, because I know the worthlessness of fighting. Just learn all the aspects of internet marketing, different personalities, their motives, driving forces. I am not going to  make any negative  comment on anything as far as I know: but  if you ask me "did you give up finally?" No I didn't. I am still in fight. I am going to hang in here until I find what I need to stick to. So don't get discouraged if you don't get results firsrt. Try to explore more opportunities, search for public opinions, do everything in your way expecting results in a few months and last for lifetime.

I have to tell this to you, because I was  about to give up at one point . I was frustrated,, I was mad. But I finally find what I want..... Results are awaiting, but hopes are positive. Let me tell you try this and you may not regret. You know what I am talking about , when I am so confident, when I give you big hope, when I say there are big brains behind it..

Guess what :- POWERPATH GDI. That is my solution. Do you have anything like that out there? Let me know.



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